How to Give Someone Access to Google Drive

There are millions of users on Google Drive and the files created on these are shared as well with millions of others. Now, a lot of new users might not be aware of how to give someone access to Google Drive.

It does not only involve giving them the traditional sharing access but there are multiple other ways as well. Hence, we have created a guide to make things easier for every beginner to learn more about Google Drive.

When we talk about Google Drive, we do not only mean a cloud storage platform. Rather there are multiple other tools as well such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. All the files here are directly synced with Drive and you can share them with other users just as you can share files from Google Drive.

Let us now directly get on with everything you need to know on how to give someone access to Google Drive.

How to Give Someone Access to Google Drive

There are mainly two ways you can do it. Both are directly available on your smartphones as well as through your desktops as well. Here is how you can do it on every device you own.

All the methods are the same, hence we will be talking about the desktop version which is easier to access overall.

1. Share with Specific People

The first method you can use is by selecting a group of people or individuals and then sharing the file with them. Or better say give them access to your Google Drive files.

For this particular method, you need to add the email ID of those particular sets of people in this manner. Let us see how you can give someone access to Google Drive through this method.

  • Open Google Drive’s official site on your browser.
  • Now, make a right-click on the file or folder you want to share.
  • Tap on Share.
  • Next, in the blank section, Add the email id of people or groups.
how to give someone access to google drive
how to give someone access to google drive
  • Now, you can choose between the type of access you want to give to the person such as Viewer, Commenter, and Editor.
  • Tap on Send.

As soon as you click on send, the person will be notified that the file has been shared with him/her/they.

Now, based on the type of permission the person has received, only they can access the file. No other user can make any changes or view the document without permission.

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2. Create a Shareable Link

Next, you can simply create a public link that can be shared with anyone and everyone. In this same section. Here you can create a link that can be accessed by anyone who gets it.

But then again you have complete control over what type of permission the person who opens the link has. Let us see how it is to be done.

  • Open Google Drive on the browser.
  • Now, make a right-click on the file.
  • Select the option Share.
  • In the next window, now click on “Change to Anyone with the Link”
how to give someone access to google drive folder
how to give someone access to google drive
  • Next, you can select the type of permission you wish to give such as Editor, Viewer, and Commenter.
  • Once selected, copy the link and share it with anyone you wish.
how to give someone access to google drive
How to Give Someone Access to Google Drive
  • Tap on Done to save the changes.

This is all you need to do and follow in order to create a link for other users and share the files or folders with them.

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How to Make Someone Else the Owner of the File on Google Drive

We did learn about how you can give access to someone to Google Drive. Well, using the same method, you can also make anyone the owner of that file.

In that manner, they have the right to remove or add any other person for access. In fact, if the owner deletes the file, no one will be able to restore it back from the trash apart from the owner.

This is how you can make someone an owner and give them access.

  • Open your Google Drive website on the browser.
  • Make a right-click on the file you want to give access to.
  • Now, tap on Share.
how to give someone access to google drive folder
how to give someone access to google drive folder
  • Add the email ID of the person you want to make owner and tap on Send.
  • Again follow the process above and then tap on the drop-down menu beside the name of the person.
  • Select Transfer Ownership from the list.
how to share a google drive folder with a link
  • In the next window, click on Send Invitation.
how to give someone access to your google drive
how to give someone access to your google drive

The person will become the owner only after they accept the changes. Until then you will be the owner. If you are not wanting to give access to that person anymore, you can remove them as well but only before making them the owner.

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What are the Types of Permission that can be given to a user

We have been talking about selecting particular permission access while adding a person or a group and also while creating a shareable link.

But the question is what these actually are. If you have no clue what function they provide, you can learn more below.

  • Viewer: If you select this option, anyone with the link or added for file sharing, you can only view the file and make no changes to it.
  • Commenter: If you are added as a commenter, you can make suggestions and comments to each line in the doc file but still cannot make any changes.
  • Editor: You can choose to edit the file and make any suggestion when given access or permission as an editor.

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Did you understand what you need to do in order to give someone access to Google Drive? As we said the process is the same for all the devices. You can follow the same method on your both Android and iOS device. The interface will be different but overall super easy to execute.

However, if you face any error whatsoever, you can let us know in the common section below and we will get back to you. Other than that, you can share the files with a group as well but before that, you need to create a Google group that will make things easier for a bunch of people.

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