How to Forward Messages on iPhone?

Certain times we need to forward an important message to our contacts but somehow, we can’t. Get started with this article to know how to forward messages on iPhone.

I usually need to forward certain messages to my contacts. This can be done by either copying and pasting the message or directly forwarding it to the recipient. However, the method of copying and pasting the content can get tedious.

So, I researched all the ways I can forward different kinds of messages to others which makes my work easier.

Message forwarding is a feature in iPhones that allows us to forward unlimited messages to people. Apple has a messaging app known as iMessage using which we can forward urgent messages and details to others. We’ll also see the issues one can face while forwarding messages to others on iPhone as well.

Thus, I have jotted down all the key points that I’ve come across during my research and experience. So, let’s dive deep into this article and get to know the methods of forwarding messages on iPhones.

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Note: For screenshot purposes, I have used iPhone 13. Nonetheless, you can apply these steps in iPhone 14 also.

The following are the topics I have covered:

  • How to forward messages using iMessage app on iPhone
  • Check and set up iMessage Settings on iPhone
  • Two-factor authentication for multiple device Apple ID log ins
  • How to get contacted automatically on iPhone
  • How can we automatically forward messages on iPhone
  • Why is text message forwarding option not available in my iPhone

How to Forward Messages Using iMessage App on iPhone

iPhone users receive SMSs on their iPhones via the iMessage app. While the normal SMSs or MMSs have green bubbles, iMessage on the other hand has blue bubbles. Read the guidelines below to know more.

The two methods for forwarding messages in iMessage app are:

  • Forward SMSs directly on iMessage
  • Copy-paste SMSs on iMessage

Forward SMSs Directly on iMessage

Accordingly, we’ll see how to directly forward messages on iPhone.

  • Open the iMessage app on iPhone.
forward SMS on iPhone 13
  • The list of messages we have sent/received will appear.
  • Moving forward, we can forward an SMS that we have received or an SMS that we have sent to someone else.
  • Click open any message in the app on our iPhone.
iPhone 14 message forward
  • In the new page, long press on the message that needs to be forwarded.
  • A list of options will emerge. Hit More… in the iPhone.
iPhone 14 pro message forward
  • As a result, the page will enter the editing mode.
  • We can either select one or multiple messages to send.
  • Here, we can see a blue tick will appear beside the selected messages.
  • There will be a curved arrow on the lower right side which is the sharing icon. Click on that.
SMS forward in iPhone 14 pro max
  • For that reason, the forwarded messages will open in a new draft message window.
  • Next, click on the plus sign+‘ on the top to add the recipient’s contact.
  • The contact list on our iPhone will pop-up.
  • Choose the contact whom we want to forward the messages.
  • Contrarily, we can also type in a new number in the box beside To.
  • Finally, tap the green arrow beside the message to send it.
edit forward text iPhone 14
  • Again, click on Cancel on the top right corner of the screen to exit the editing mode.
iPhone 12 SMS forward

Thus, the message will get sent. To check we can go back to the main menu of the iMessage app. Besides, the recipient won’t know the SMS’s original sender’s details as the message gets sent as a new text in the iMessage app of iPhone.

Copy Paste SMSs on iMessage

Another way to forward messages is to copy-paste the messages and then send them to a new person.

  • Go to the iMessage app on our iPhone.
Copy SMS iPhone 13
  • A list of received and sent messages will appear.
  • Moving forward, click open any message in the app on our iPhone.
iMessage SMS forward iPhone 14
  • After opening, long press on the message we want to send.
  • A menu will pop-up. Press on Copy.
iPhone 14 pro iMessage forward
  • The message will get copied to the iPhone clipboard.
  • Further, tap on the arrow on the top left corner to go back to the previous menu.
forward iMessage SMS iPhone 12
  • Hit the new message icon on the top right corner and the new draft message window will pop-up.
iPhone 12 pro SMS forward
  • Again, on the message box long press and the Paste option will be visible.
  • Tap on Paste. The copied message will get pasted here.
iPhone 11 SMS forward
  • Moving on, select the recipient’s contact by pressing the plus sign+‘ on the top right side.
  • Choose the contact number.
  • Contrarily, we can also type in a new number.
  • Lastly, click on the green arrow icon beside the newly pasted message.
Forward iMessage in iPhone 14 pro

Therefore, this will send the message to the receiver. The recently sent message will be on top of the list in the iMessage app on iPhone.

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Check and Set Up iMessage Settings on iPhone

Additionally, we can also set up the settings in iPhone to send and receive messages in iMessage app on iPhone. Since Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac can communicate with each other using iMessage via wireless data. We only need to turn it on in the settings so that other Apple product users can share photos, messages, etc., with us and vice versa. Except the device software version and updates should be in continuity with that of other devices.

  • Go to Settings > Messages.
iPhone 14 iMessage settings
  • On the next page, we can see all the settings related to iMessage on iPhone.
  • iMessageEnable this tab. This will allow us to send/receive iMessages to and from others on iPhone.
iPhone 13 pro iMessage
  • Send & Receive – Further, here we can either send/receive the SMSs via our phone number or we can even log in to our Apple ID as shown below.
    • Moving on, once the Apple ID is logged in, we can see our contact details on the next page.
iPhone 13 pro max iMessage settings
  • Share Name and Photo – People can see our name and photo when they receive any message from us on their iPhones.
  • Shared with You – Turning this on will segregate the photos, messages, songs, etc., to their specific apps when we receive them from others.
  • Show Contact Photos – This allows us to see the photos of our contacts.
  • Send Read Receipts – Enabling this will notify people that we have read their messages on their iPhones.
  • Send as SMS – At times, the network is not available. During that time, we can send our messages via SMS, except that the network charges may apply.
iMessage settings on iPhone 12
  • Show Subject Field – Shows the related subject field of the message on iPhone.
  • Character Count – Total characters used in the message will be displayed.
  • Blocked Contacts – We can block or unblock contacts using this tab. You may read the following article to know more How to Block and Unblock Contacts on iPhone.
  • Keep Messages – This has 3 options, 30 days, 1 Year or Forever, the time period for which we can keep the messages in our iPhones.
Settings in iMessage iPhone 12 pro
  • Notify Me – Activating this button will notify us when somebody mentions our name in a conversation.
  • Unknown & Spam – This helps us in filtering any unknown sender.
  • Expire – This has 2 options. Delete the audio file after 2 mins from the conversation. No matter whether we receive or send the audio file. Or the Never option which will store the audio file forever.
  • Raise to Listen – When we’ll raise our phone it will automatically play the audio file.
  • Low-Quality Image Mode – Whenever the sender sends us any image, it will be in low quality.
iMessage iPhone 14

As per our needs we can enable or disable the settings and send/receive iMessage on our iPhones.

Two-Factor Authentication for Multiple Device Apple ID Log ins

Additionally, we need to sign in to our Apple ID on iPhone and other devices to ensure security and that we are forwarding messages to our own devices. Check if you have the two-factor authentication turned on or not.

  • Open Settings on iPhone.
  • Further, open our iPhone profile which can be seen as our name in the Settings.
two-factor authentication iPhone 13
  • Tap on Password & Security.
  • On the next page, enable the Two-factor Authentication and follow the rest of the steps.
iPhone 14 two-factor authentication

Note: I have already enabled two-factor authentication on my iPhone. Hence, I can’t show the future steps. Moreover, once it’s activated, you can only deactivate it within 2 weeks of activation. Otherwise, it is difficult to turn off two-factor authentication. Also, our iPhone is less secure.

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How to Get Contacted Automatically on iPhone

Likewise, there is a way that people can automatically contact us on iPhone via FaceTime, iMessage, etc. Let’s see how!

  • Open Settings > Profile on iPhone.
automatic contact iPhone 13
  • Next, click on Name, Phone Numbers, Email.
  • Again, tap on Edit beside Contactable At.
add phone email forward message iphone 14 pro
  • An option of Add email or phone number will pop-up. Tap on it.
email or phone iPhone 14 message forward
  • Now, choose whether to Add an Email Address or Add a Phone Number.
forward message iPhone 13
  • On the next page, add the details and press Next. Once the details are verified, they will get added to the Contactable At list.
  • Finally, click on Done.
email or phone iPhone 14 pro message forward

Follow this by enabling Text Message Forwarding in Messages settings on our iPhone as shown below.

How Can We Automatically Forward Messages on iPhone

What’s more, forwarding messages automatically on iPhone is possible. However, to use this, our iPhones need to have the Text Message Forwarding function in the settings. Also, we need to sign in to our iMessage account on other devices as well.

  • Launch Settings > Messages on iPhone.
  • Scroll down and find Text Message Forwarding.
  • Click on Text Message Forwarding.
  • On the next page, enable it beside the devices that we want to allow to send/receive text from our iPhones.

Note: For those who have this feature in their iPhones can read the steps above and implement them on their iPhones. And those who don’t, can follow the other methods mentioned in this article.

Why is Text Message Forwarding Option Not Available in My iPhone

There could be a few reasons behind this.

  • Most probably we didn’t sign in to our Apple ID on iPhone.
  • We can either disable and again enable iMessage to see whether the Text Message Forwarding option appears or not.
  • Maybe the SIM card is not working.

Winding Up

After reading this article, we can determine the several ways we can share or forward messages on iPhones. I have talked about the issues a person might face while forwarding messages on their iPhones.

Additionally, I have also explained how we can forward messages to other devices using our Apple ID. Hope you read through the entire article and find it easy to implement the steps on your iPhones.

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