How to Erase Data on iPhone? [5 Methods]

Storage space can be a hot topic for people who have a hard time managing it in their iPhones. So, let’s check out the how to erase data on iPhone.

Albeit, erasing data from iPhone can be a bit of a hassle. Moreover, emptying the iPhone data is also important as it starts to lag sometimes if its storage space is occupied and full.

Even though Apple has gradually increased the storage capacity in its entire flagship product range. It’s not always possible to delete our favorite pictures or important files to clear out some space.

So, as an iPhone user myself, I’ve gone through the same issue. And here are a few hacks that I’ve found to work for me.

Note: For this blog, I’ve used iPhone 13 screenshots. However, the same steps are applicable to iPhone 14 model range as well.

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Follow the guidelines below to clear out the data and cache on your iPhone:

  • How to erase deleted photos from iPhone
  • How to clear cache and data in iPhone safari app
  • How to clear data from iPhone app store settings
  • How to uninstall apps on iPhone to clear trash
  • How to reset iPhone

How to Erase Deleted Photos from iPhone

The photos that we delete from the albums in iPhone photos app gets stored in the trash. To clear out the trash read the steps below.

  • Open the Photos app from the iPhone home screen.
  • After the app pops open, click on Albums.
empty trash in iPhone 14 photos app
  • Scroll down and click on the Recently Deleted folder.
  • iPhone asks you to Enter Your Passcode to View This Folder.
delete photos in iPhone 13
  • Once the passcode is entered, the folder opens up.
  • All the deleted images will be visible here.
  • On the top right side of the iPhone screen, click on Select.
  • Two options pop up below: Delete All and Recover All.
remove photos in iPhone 13 pro
  • Now, tap on Delete All to empty the trash on Photos app.
  • Press on the confirmation Delete …Items to delete everything.
  • Otherwise, if you are unsure about deleting the photos then click on Cancel.
empty trash in iPhone 14 pro max

However, the pictures are stored for 40 days in the trash. After which the trash is automatically emptied even if we don’t delete anything in that duration.

How to Clear Cache and Data in iPhone Safari App

Moving on, Safari is our go to app for searching about stuff that we would like to add to our knowledge. Nevertheless, when we have too many search links on our iPhone, it tends to get heavy. So, let’s see how to wipe out the history and data in safari.

Clear Data Directly in Safari App

This method is mainly provided for the safari app. Clearing the history will remove cache, browsing history, and cookies from safari as well as the devices which are logged into iCloud using the same account. Read on to know the steps.

  • Open the Safari app on the iPhone home screen.
  • Now, click on the bookmark icon below on the iPhone screen.
clear data in iPhone 13 safari app
  • Again, tap on the watch icon and the search list will be visible.
  • Next, click on the Clear button.
safari app data empty in iPhone 13 pro
  • Then opt for any one of the options mentioned in the drop-down menu:
    • All time – This basically means we can clear all the data without any time constraint.
    • Today and yesterday – Choosing this option will only delete today’s and yesterday’s search history from safari in iPhone.
    • Today – As the name suggests, it will delete today’s data from safari.
    • The last hour – Again, opting for this will only delete last one hour’s data from safari.
empty trash in safari iPhone 12
  • Finally, the data is cleared from safari app in iPhone according to the option chosen by us.

Therefore, the safari app on the iPhone gets decluttered from the search history mess.

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Clear Data in Safari from iPhone Settings

Another way to clear cache from safari is through iPhone settings. This method too is quite easy. Check out the steps.

  • Go to Settings > Safari.
safari settings in iPhone 13 pro
  • Scroll down and the option Clear History and Website Data will be available.
  • Now, tap on it.
clear data in safari iPhone 13 pro max
  • A confirmation box will pop up, click on Clear History and Data.
  • Next, iPhone will ask if you want to Close Tabs or Keep Tabs.
empty data in iPhone 12 pro
  • Click on the preferable choice.
  • At last, the safari data is cleared.

Thereafter, we can use a freshly reinstated safari app on iPhone after emptying the cache and cookies.

How to Clear Data from iPhone App Store Settings

In addition, deleting the data from the app store might be one of the most ideal ways. All the apps’ cookies and stored information can be wiped out at once from the iPhone app store.

  • Firstly, Go to Settings > App Store.
iPhone 14 app store clear data
  • Now, scroll down and find Personalized Recommendations.
  • Click on that.
  • On the next page, tap on Clear App Usage Data.
clear data in app store iPhone 13
  • A confirmation box will pop up. Press on Clear App Usage Data.
iPhone 13 pro app clear data
  • Doing this will delete the stored data of all the apps at one go.

This creates a huge space on the storage disk of the iPhone.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPhone to Clear Trash

One of the quickest ways we can always think of while trying to clear the data on iPhones is uninstalling apps. So, let’s see the ways in which we can offload apps on iPhones.

Offload apps in App Store:

  • Open Settings > App Store.
iPhone 14 pro app store clear data
  • Next, scroll down and click Offload Unused Apps.
offload apps on iPhone 12 pro
  • iPhone keeps track of most used and unused apps and deletes the unused apps according to its record.

Uninstall apps from home screen:

  • On the iPhone home screen, long press on any app that you want to uninstall.
  • A minus sign will appear on all the apps.
  • Now, click on the minus sign for the app that needs to be deleted.
  • A drop-down menu will pop-up.
  • Tap on Delete App.
  • The app gets deleted, and the space is cleared out.
delete app in iPhone 11
  • Another way is by long pressing the specific app till the options for only that app appear.
  • Now, a Remove App option will appear.
remove app on iPhone 10
  • Drag the finger to that option and the app will get deleted.

Hence, we can follow any of the above-mentioned techniques to clear data on iPhones.

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How to Reset iPhone

Meanwhile, the ultimate decision we can take is to reset our iPhone settings to clear out data and cache. Mostly, this is the last resort iPhone users have due to an overload of apps and data. And the iPhone starts hanging while using it. Have a look at the steps below to reset your iPhone but first backup your data on iCloud.

  • Go to Settings > General.
reset iPhone 14 pro
  • Scroll down and select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • On the new page, click on Reset.
iPhone 13 pro reset settings
  • A drop-down menu emerges.
  • Now, press on Reset All Settings.
  • iPhone asks to Enter your passcode.
reset settings in iPhone 14 pro
  • Finally, a confirmation message pops-up.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on Reset All Settings.
iPhone 12 reset

Thereafter, iPhone will reset back to factory settings. Also, you can set up your iPhone again at this point.

Summing Up

Coming to an end, I have covered all the ways a user can wipe out data and cache on an iPhone. Implement the method that you are most comfortable with on your iPhone.

Hope this article will resolve any issue that you might be facing with storage space in general. Although, Apple products keep upgrading their features, either way, cache and useless data get accumulated on our iPhones. And I have mentioned a few best ways to clarify exactly this problem.

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