How to Enable Offline Editing in Google Drive

With the unlimited possibilities that cloud technology provides, working on it has become very popular. One such cloud application that’s a part of the daily usage for most people is Google Drive.

Google Drive helps you store all your important data and files, be it documents, sheets, slides, photos, videos, or any other media. Additionally, you can directly edit the data in your Google Drive. And you can do it all at any time from anywhere.

However, for very long people have believed that working on Google Drive requires an internet connection, and they feel handicapped if, by any chance, they don’t have an internet connection and need to urgently access and edit some things on their Google Drive.

Well, luckily enough, it’s possible to edit your Google Drive in offline mode too. However, you’ll need to enable some settings for this. Let us help you with that through this small tutorial on how to enable offline editing in Google Drive.

How to Enable Offline Editing on Google Drive

One of the most amazing things about Google Drive is that it’s very flexible to use. You could use it on your PCs, laptops, mobile phones, as well as tablets. And now, with the offline mode, you’re done with the mandatory requirement for internet connection as well.

Having that said, there are different ways to enable offline editing on Google Drive for your mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. So, let’s go through each of the ways one after the other and help you manage your Google Drive Better.

How to Enable Offline Editing on Google Drive in Mobile

Mobile is the most accessible tool we have in our hands, and when we want to do something in a jiffy, our first instinct is to use our mobile to do the same. So, having the option to edit Google Drive offline on your mobile phone will come in very handy.

It’s extremely easy to enable this access. The first and foremost requirement will be having the Google Drive application on your mobile phone. So, if you don’t have it by any chance, download and install the same from the play store.

  • Once you’ve installed the application, open it on your phone.
  • Now, sign in to your Google Drive by entering your Google Account username and password.
  • The drive will show you all the files that you’ve saved and uploaded on it.
  • Tap on any file for which you want to enable offline access. You don’t need to open the file altogether. Instead, you need to move into the settings for the file.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots placed in the right corner adjacent to the file name. You’ll see options for different settings in the form of a list.
Enable Offline Editing on Google Drive on Mobile
  • In this list, find the option reading “Make Available offline” and turn it on.

The file will be available for offline editing on your mobile device, and you can easily access it without any internet connection.

Now, you may wonder that this happened only for one file. Well, that’s how Google Drive works on your mobile phone. You’ll have to enable offline access for each file in this manner only. In fact, you can’t even enable offline access for folders. It has to be this hectic process of doing things manually, one by one.

However, you can do it immediately as you add a file to your Drive. This way, the task won’t pile up and wouldn’t seem hectic after all.

How to Enable Offline Editing in Google Drive on PC/Laptop

It’s much easier to enable offline editing in Google Drive on your PC/Laptop. All you need to do is sync your Google Drive with your PC/Laptop, enable offline access, and you’re done.

  • For syncing your Google Drive with your PC, open your Google Drive in your web browser.
  • Go to settings and check the option that reads “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings to this Computer.”
Enable Offline Editing in Google Drive
Enable Offline Editing in Google Drive
  • After this, wait for the sync to complete.
  • Alternatively, you can download the Google Drive application (now known as “Google Drive for Desktop”) on your PC and enable the sync in this application for accessing your Google Drive in offline mode.

Once you have finished the sync, you can find a separate Google Drive folder on your PC. You can access and edit any file in an offline environment by opening the files from this folder.

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Final Words

So, that was all about it. We hope this article has helped you understand how to enable offline editing in Google Drive.

Now that you’ve understood it, go on, enable it while you still have an internet connection so that you can work on your files and documents even when you move out of the networks!