How to Edit a PDF in Google Drive

If you are using an Android device, then you may have used Google Drive to access PDF files. To access the files you may require a third-party application, however, that may not be the case with Android devices.

Android devices come with Google Apps which also includes Google Drive. It is more than a cloud storage service. You can easily access PDF files in Google Drive and also edit them.

We have taken into account multiple ways that will help you edit the PDF files and also share them with anyone you would like. 

In this article, we will be discussing how to edit a PDF in Google Drive.

What To Know Before You Edit PDF Files In Google Drive?

There are certain things that you should know before you edit PDF files in Google Drive.

  • You cannot edit all the files with Google Drive. Some files may be restricted to certain PDF applications, and you may not be able to edit them with Google Drive. 
  • Original files are not edited on Google Drive. When you edit a PDF file on Google Drive, a copy of it will be created which you can download after you are done with editing. The original PDF file remains untouched. 
  • Editing PDF files on Google Drive may change the formatting of the text, and the images attached to the file may also not be retained.
  • You may not find all the editing functions when editing PDF files with Google Drive. It may not be as efficient as with other PDF editors. Google Drive may miss some editing functions like adding pages, deleting pages, and others. Therefore, you can only edit the text on it. 
  • You will need to have a stable internet connection to be able to edit the PDF file. Moreover, you need to have a PC and a Google account to access Google Drive.

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How to Edit a PDF in Google Drive?

You will need a PC to edit PDF files in Google Drive. Why is it so? Google Drive on mobile allows users to run and access PDF files, but when it comes to editing PDF files, you cannot do it on your phone directly. Given below are the steps you can check out-

  • Firstly, open the browser on your PC. Now in the address bar of the browser enter the web address of Google Drive. You can either click on this link to open Google Drive on your PC. 
  • Ensure you are signed in to your Google account on Google Drive. If you are not already signed in, then you will have to do it first. Enter your account credentials, and then click on Sign in and you will be able to login into your account. 
  • Now, click on the New button that you find at the left sidebar on Google Drive, and then click on File Upload to upload the PDF file.
Edit a PDF in Google Drive
  • This will open a separate window for the File Explorer. Head to the location where your PDF file is saved, and select the file. Click on Open to upload the file to Google Drive. 
  • Now select the file you uploaded to Google Drive. Right-click on it to open the context menu. Now, hover over to the Open With option and then click on Google Docs.
How to Edit a PDF in Google Drive
Edit a PDF in Google Drive
  • This will open the PDF file with Google Docs. 
  • You can now edit your files in Google Docs. You can write something on it, delete any text if you want to, and make other changes to it. 
  • Once you are done editing, click on the File button. On the menu that opens up, hover over to the Download option and click on PDF Document (.pdf). This will download the edited file in PDF format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Google Drive have a PDF Editor?

Google Docs is used in Google Drive to edit the PDF files. You can open the PDF files with Google Docs using Drive and edit them.

2. How do I edit a PDF Document in Google Drive?

You will have to upload the PDF Document to Google Drive, and then open it with Google Docs. In Google Docs, you will be able to edit the PDF files. We have discussed the step-by-step guide to edit PDF files in the above article. 

3. Will I have the original PDF File on Google Drive?

Google Drive only edits the copy of the PDF file uploaded to it. The original file will remain intact and untouched, while all the changes will be made to the new copy created. 

4. Is there a way to edit a PDF for Free?

You can edit PDFs for free using Google Drive. However, it only does the basic job of editing the file. You can either download various free PDF editor tools to edit PDF files. 

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Final Words

This is everything you need to know on how to edit a PDF on Google Drive. Editing a PDF file may not be as efficient as with other apps, but it can come in handy if you don’t have a dedicated editor to edit the files.

Google Drive does the basic job of editing text on the PDF files, and nothing more than that. So, for basic text editing, you can use the application, but if your work requires more than that, then you may have to use a third-party app to do so.