How to Make Your Dropbox Sync Faster? [6 Simple Ways]

In this article, let’s discuss why Dropbox is slow during sync, upload, and download. And also I have given 6 simple ways to make Dropbox sync faster.

Dropbox is a place to store a large number of files and folders privately. Whenever I try to upload or download the data and sync in Dropbox, it consumes more time.

So I was looking at how to make the Dropbox process faster. After several references, I found some easy ways.

Here are the headings that we are going to discuss in this article:

  • How long does it take to sync in Dropbox
  • Why Dropbox is slow during upload and Download
  • Why Dropbox takes more time during syncing
  • How to Sync Faster in Mac Dropbox
  • How to Sync Faster in Windows Dropbox
  • How to increase the sync speed
  • How to solve the Dropbox issue

How Long Does It Take to Sync in Dropbox

The Sync time depends on the size of the files we provide on the account. The maximum time for sync in Dropbox is 5 minutes.

If you sync the Dropbox for the first time it takes a few hours or even more time and you can cancel the sync in between if it takes more time.

Why Dropbox is Slow During Upload and Download

The bandwidth of Dropbox is short, so while uploading files or folders, Dropbox limits its uploading speed to 75% by default from its original speed to avoid affecting the network connection.

Why Dropbox Takes More Time During Syncing

There are a few reasons why Dropbox is taking too much time to sync.

The source provided is a heavy load. The kind of account being synced, the number of applications in the account, and occasionally the number of transactions is the major reason Dropbox takes more time during syncing a Dropbox account.

How to Sync Faster in Mac Dropbox

To Make Dropbox sync more quickly on Mac:

  • Open the Dropbox app on Mac.
  • Click the Gear icon (initial of any letter or image provided).
  • Press the Preferences in the Dropbox.
  • Then click the Network option.
  • Click the Change settings option near the Bandwidth option.
  • Press the Limit to below the download rate or upload rate.
  • Change the bandwidth to Don’t limit in Dropbox.

How to Sync Faster in Windows Dropbox

Open the Dropbox Application and click the gear icon (contains any image or initial provided).

  • A Dropdown menu pops down with many options, click preferences
sync faster in windows Dropbox
  • The preferences option opens and click on the Bandwidth option.
  • After pressing Bandwidth, change the settings Download rate and upload rate to Don’t limit.
windows Dropbox sync faster
  • Then click ok to save the changes.

Follow the above steps to change the bandwidth for faster sync in windows Dropbox.

How to Increase the Sync Speed in Dropbox

Consider the following strategies to enhance Sync’s performance and speed:

  • Pick a reliable data supplier.
  • Limit the quantity of information sent during sync- Transfer a minimum number of data for fast syncing.
  • Reduce the amount of calculation for virtual columns and spreadsheet formulae carried out during sync.
  • Use a good and faster network- While transferring check whether your network is strong or the Wi-fi connection is faster.
  • Do sync in the background to avoid time waste- Keep the sync windows in the background to avoid more time to finish the syncing.
  • Reduce the amount of data transferred- Remove unwanted data like empty rows and columns in the worksheet.

Follow the above points to increase the sync speed in Dropbox.

How to Solve the Dropbox Issue

The upload in Dropbox will be slow because of running multiple background apps while uploading in Dropbox. Due to poor internet or Wi-fi network connection.

To fix the issue follow the below steps:

  • Check the internet connection
  • Restart Dropbox process
  • Firewall and antivirus protection
  • Reinstall the Dropbox app

Check the Internet Connection

Dropbox will be slow if there is a poor network. So, check the internet connection in that case.

In Wireless Network

  • Check the modem from which the device is connected. If the modem and computer are too far, there will be a problem with the network.
  • Make sure the modem and computer are within the range for a good network.

In Wired Network

The network cable may be damaged. Restart the computer and the network cable if there is a poor connection between them.

To Fix the connection Error:

  • Go to settings in the computer
  • Click the Network and internet option.
  • Press the Network troubleshooter option.
wired network in Dropbox

By clicking troubleshooter the desired problem will be fixed automatically.

Restart the Dropbox Process

We can restart the Dropbox process in the task manager:

  • Press ctrl + shift + esc and the task manager is open.
  • Select all the options of Dropbox in the task manager tab.
  • After selecting all the options click End test below the tab.
restart Dropbox process

First, restart the computer and then restart the Dropbox Desktop app, and Dropbox starts functioning at regular speed.

Firewall and Antivirus Protection

While we do a lot of downloads and uploads in Dropbox firewall and antivirus protection cause some trouble.

If other apps are running and Dropbox only faces this issue then open the security software and add dropbox to the whitelist.

Also, check whether you have provided all the permissions for Dropbox to run and access the internet.

Reinstall Dropbox Application

The internal problem from the client is also a reason for Dropbox’s slow sync. So uninstall the Dropbox app and download it again.

The files will not be deleted while uninstalling the Dropbox app.

  • Go to the settings page on the computer.
  • Click the Apps option, press the Apps and features option, and the list of installed apps will be displayed.
  • Select the Dropbox app and press uninstall.
reinstall Dropbox app

After installing the Dropbox app it starts syncing at the normal speed.


That’s the end of the article and I hope you got the solution regarding why Dropbox is slow during sync, upload, and download.

Try the above methods and make the Dropbox process faster. Before trying the above methods check whether all the apps running in the background are closed during the uploading and downloading of data.

Limit the quantity of information sent during Sync. So that the speed of the Dropbox During sync does not reduce.

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