How to Download Files or Folders from Dropbox? [7 Practical Ways]

Don’t know to download files from Dropbox? Or facing issues while downloading? You have landed on the correct site to check how to download files or folders from Dropbox.

Downloading files from Dropbox is easy but still, people will face difficulties in doing that. But no worries, it happens in every application.

When I started using Dropbox, I also came across this situation. After research, I got the proper solution to download files or folders from Dropbox.

Here is the list of things related to downloading files or folders from Dropbox. We will see them one by one in detail.

  • Download files or folders from Dropbox Browser
  • Where can I find the files I downloaded from Dropbox?
  • How to download large files and folders from Dropbox
  • Why can’t I download files from the Dropbox desktop application?
  • How to download files and folders from iPhone
  • How to download files and folders from Android
  • Fixing errors while downloading files or folders in Dropbox
  • How to unzip the Dropbox files

Download Files or Folders from Dropbox

We can download files or folders from a Dropbox account. To do that, follow the below steps. This will help out both Windows and Mac users as well.


Open in any of the browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, safari, etc.


Sign in to the Dropbox account by giving proper credentials such as email id and password.

download files from Dropbox


Once we open Dropbox, we will be on the home page. Move to the files or folders we want to download. Click 3 dots or ellipsis”…” beside the files or folders we have to choose Download from Dropbox.

Download files or folders from Dropbox


Once we click on that download, the files or folders will be downloaded in Dropbox.

Note: We can download a folder from Dropbox if the file size is less than 20 GB and has a file count range of 10,000.

Where Can I Find the Files I Downloaded from Dropbox?

Downloaded Folder in Windows

Once downloaded from the Dropbox browser, we can see the downloaded files or folders from the computer or PC. Check the below steps to check whether it is downloaded or not.

  • Select File explorer from the taskbar or press the Windows logo key + E
  • We can see the Quick access options, below that we see Downloads. So the recent files or folders that we downloaded from Dropbox will be occupied over there.
how to download files in Dropbox

Another option is can see Downloads from This PC as well, as I showed in the above image.

Downloaded Folder on Mac

We had downloaded files or folders from Dropbox, but we might be confused about where the files ended up. let’s see where it actually available.

  • Downloaded files on a Mac are typically saved by default in a special folder called “Downloads” within our user account folder.
  • Mac OS includes a link to your personal Downloads folder in the dock, which is the row of app icons at the bottom or side of your screen.

So by the above steps, we can clearly know the location of recent downloads files or folders in Dropbox.

How to Download Large Files and Folders from Dropbox

We will get a message File is too large to download which is referring the limits for downloading particular files or folders, which are 10GB in size or it containing 10,000 files.

If the file size is beyond that one, we will get an error when we try to download the folder together. Instead, we can download the individual or separate files within the folder.

An alternative solution for this is, can Zip the folder and provide a link directly to the zipped file. Sharing links to the file has no limitations if the respective user has more space on the Dropbox account. They can use Add to my Dropbox option to download automatically to their Dropbox account.

Another limitation is being aware of the Bandwidth used for sharing the links. Dropbox Basic accounts have a total of 20GB of bandwidth and Dropbox Plus accounts have 200 GB. This is per day on a 24-hour sliding window.

Why Can’t I Download Files from the Dropbox Desktop Application?

Since downloading our files or folders through the direct download link needs to be done only on the web browser. Right now Dropbox doesn’t have the option to download from desktop applications, maybe in the future, we can expect. Also, the direct download link is disabled and the link expired may also be the reason.

How to Download Files and Folders from Dropbox iPhone

Let’s see how we can download files or folders from iPhone Dropbox.


Open the Dropbox application on an iPhone device and sign in to the account if not already.


Head to the files or folders which we want to download from Dropbox.


Click on the three dots and we can see the option Save to device, hit on that option to download the files.

download files in ios dropbox


The next step will ask for where to save the file location in the iPhone Dropbox.

files download in ios dropbox


Give the file name as per your wish. So the particular downloaded files will save in the location of that file.

files saved in ios dropbox

At last, files will be saved in the iPhone Dropbox.

How to Download Files and Folders from Dropbox Android

Downloading files and folders from an android device is also possible. Have a look at the below steps to check your device.


Open Dropbox on an android device and sign in to your account.


Move ahead to files or folders which is under Recent options. Click the 3 dots which is beside the files.

Download files from dropbox android


Click on that and scroll down to see Save to Device option. So the desired files or folders will be downloaded or saved to the device.

android dropbox to download files


In this step, a confirmation message will ask to save. Hit on that to download the files or folders in Dropbox.

download file in dropbox

The files or folders which we have downloaded recently will occupy in Downloads option from the drive in Android Dropbox.

Fixing Errors while Downloading Files or Folders in Dropbox

We feel tensed or stressed if we face errors while downloading files or folders in Dropbox. Check out below a few steps to deal with the problem and we can try to overcome them.

Check the Internet Connection

When the internet connection is weak or if we are not getting enough frequency Dropbox usually shows an error while downloading. In that case, just switch over to LAN if you are using Wi-Fi and again connect to Wi-Fi.

Turn off VPN or Uninstall VPN from the Device.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi, since it may disconnect your Dropbox connection. Use your Private or Office network.

Try using different Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Firefox, etc. If the download file is stuck on multiple files, then try restarting your browser or re-open Dropbox in a different tab.

Try Dropbox Web Interface

We need to download files in Dropbox on an urgent basis, but if we struck in between. So instead of wasting time in Dropbox, we can try for Dropbox web interface and sort out the issue.

Check the Dropbox web link on any browser and log in with the correct credentials. Select the file or folder and download whatever you want.

Ensure the PC is connected to a stable internet connection, to avoid there being an error while downloading your file from Dropbox.

Check the Status of the Dropbox

Downloading is slow and won’t download dropbox files or folders from the server has a big issue due to poor connectivity. So, most of the time what will happen is, Dropbox will send emails on the system up-gradation and technical issues. We should check our email inbox frequently to clear up the issues. And also check whether the systems status is under operational mode.

Reinstall the Dropbox App

The last solution is can uninstall and reinstall the Dropbox app to deal with this issue. Simultaneously we can sign out from the Dropbox browser as well. So this gonna help you, people, to come out from errors while downloading files or folders from Dropbox.

How to Unzip the Dropbox Files

Today, Dropbox has no feature yet to enable us to unzip files. All we can do to unzip archive files in a ZIP format is by downloading them first and using the archive extractor installed on our computer. 


Open Dropbox applications from a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet explorer and sign in with the proper credentials.

Sign in Dropbox to unzip files


On the home page of Dropbox, select the zip files to extract. Select Extract all to unzip the file in the Dropbox application itself. If zip files are not already, click the Upload option on the Home page of Dropbox to add a zip file from the PC and proceed with the early points.

unzip files in Dropbox

Note – If you want to download the extracted file from the Dropbox browser, the file will be downloaded in zip format only.

End Message

We come to conclusion in this article. I hope I have given enough information to download files or folders in Dropbox.

I have covered even how to fix errors while downloading. So I think these are all the main stuff we need to know about downloading files or folders from Dropbox.

Before Downloading files or folders from Dropbox, make sure your file size is not over 20GB.

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