How to Check the Dropbox Activity? [Manage, Delete, Create, and Export]

If you are the admin of the Dropbox account and need to check the activity of your team members, then read this article. In this article, we are going to see how to check the activity in Dropbox.

When I first upgraded the Dropbox team account, I did know how to check the activity of my team members. After doing some practical research I came to know how we can check the activity of the team members.

Also, I have shared how can we delete the activity in Dropbox. I am sharing my experience on viewing, deleting, creating, and exporting team activity in Dropbox.

The topics that I have covered in this article are listed below:

  • How to view team activity on Dropbox
  • How to delete the activity in Dropbox
  • How to create and export an activity report in Dropbox
  • What can we see in Dropbox activity reports
  • How to manage team activity from the activity page on Dropbox
  • How to disable the weekly shared folder activity email in Dropbox

How to View Team Activity on Dropbox

If you are the admin of the Dropbox team account you can view the activity of all the team members.

  • Open the Dropbox account from the web browser Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click the Admin console at the bottom in the left sidebar of the Dropbox tab.
view Dropbox team activity
  • Click the Activity option on the admin console page.
Dropbox team activity view
  • On the activity page, we can filter by Date range, People, Content, and Activities.
  • Press Add activity option near to activities to filter the activity option.
  • Enter the start and end date near the date range to see the activity that occurred during a specific time period.
  • Click the Peoples option and enter the team members to view a specific team member or multiple team members’ activities in Dropbox.
  • Add a keyword to the area next to Content in order to scan files, folders, or paper documents.
create and export team activity in Dropbox
  • In the participant’s tab, we can check the All on team or the External participants in the Dropbox team account.
Dropbox participants activity
  • After applying the filters the final output will be shown below in the order of Date, Member, Activity, Category, and Accessed from.
Dropbox activity

We can check the activity of the team members by entering the start date, time, and end date, time in the date range column.

How to Delete the Activity in Dropbox

On the recent page in Dropbox, we can delete the recent activity that took place.

  • Open the Dropbox account in the web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Go to the Recents page on the Dropbox page.
delete activity in Dropbox
  • Click the three horizontal dots near the selected file or folder. The horizontal dots pop down and click the Delete option.
Dropbox activity delete

In Dropbox shared files, folders, or files and folders recently viewed will be saved to a recent page in Dropbox.

How to Create and Export an Activity Report in Dropbox

To create and export the team activity in Dropbox:

  • Open the Dropbox account in the web browser Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Press the Admin console option in Dropbox.
activity create and export in Dropbox
  • Then click the Activity tab on the left side of the Dropbox page.
Dropbox activity create and export
  • Apply the filters to select the time period and data to export.
  • Press the Create report option.
create and export Dropbox activity

The report will be kept in a folder titled Dropbox Business Reports as a CSV file. When the report is prepared, an email will be sent.

What Can We See in Dropbox Activity Reports

In the activity reports each entry shows the:

Member: The person who initiated the action.

Activity: The details of the event.

Location: The place where the user started the operation, as well as the IP address of the computer they were using.

Date and time: The actual time and date that something happened

The action of the team members appears within a few hours or within twenty-four hours.

The admins of Dropbox can see the following activity in the team activity reports:

  • Apps
  • Comments
  • Device
  • Domain
  • File Operation (Advanced and Business)
  • File Request
  • Groups
  • Login
  • Members
  • Paper
  • Passwords
  • Report
  • Sharing
  • Signal Sign-on (SSO)
  • Team Folder
  • Team Policies
  • Team Profile
  • Two Factor Authentication

The admin of the Advanced and Business Dropbox plan members is able to view the action taken by the team members for a file.

The activity includes deleting, moving, adding, and editing files. The problems like deleted files and information security audits can be investigated by these events.

How to Manage Team Activity from the Activity Page on Dropbox

We can take necessary actions from the Dropbox activity page if we are the admin of the Dropbox account.

The actions like:

  • Restoring the Dropbox file or folder.
  • Ending the web session of the team.
  • Deleting the shared link.
  • Unlinking the device and deleting all the files in Dropbox.
  • Resetting team members’ Dropbox account passwords.

The above actions can be performed only if we are the admin of the Dropbox team account.

How to Disable the Weekly Shared Folder Activity Email in Dropbox

We can disable weekly shared folder activity in Dropbox from the Dropbox notifications tab.

  • Open the Dropbox account and click the Gear icon at the top right corner of the Dropbox page.
  • In the gear icon click the Settings option.
weekly notification turn off in Dropbox
  • Then the settings tab opens, on the settings page press the Notifications tab.
  • On the notification page, uncheck the Activity in shared folders (weekly digest) notification box.
Dropbox weekly activity turn off

Follow the above steps to disable the weekly shared folder activity email in Dropbox.


We have reached the conclusion of the article regarding how to check the activity in Dropbox. I hope the article contains enough information that you are looking for.

The admin of the Dropbox team account can view the activity of the team members individually by entering their name, start date, and end date.

In the activity tab, we can see the members of the Dropbox team account, location, date and time, and team members’ activity.

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