How to Download Multiple Photos from Dropbox? [3 Simple Ways]

Want to download multiple or single images from Dropbox? Here is the perfect article you are looking for how to download multiple photos from Dropbox.

Dropbox is a modern cloud storage space where we can easily store our images, videos, and other documents in order to free up space in our personal devices such as computers, laptops, iPhones, and Android mobile devices.

This server stores all our files and folders on the cloud server and so we can easily access those files from anywhere in the world. With the help of Dropbox now we don’t need to keep all our photographs on our personal devices.

However, if we require those images, we must download them from a Dropbox account that many people are unaware of. Thank me later and I’ll share you the process of downloading multiple photos from Dropbox to your computer, iPhone/iPad, or Android device.

  • Download photos from Dropbox Browser
  • Download photos from Dropbox to iOS
  • Download photos from Dropbox to Android

Download Photos from Dropbox to Browser

Most people save ceremonial, official, and festive photographs on a cloud storage device like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Onedrive. So they can delete them from local storage on the Pc. But at particular times, they may require downloading from the Dropbox online storage to local storage.


Open Dropbox in your Browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, safari, etc.


Sign in to Dropbox by giving proper credentials such as email id and password.


Search for the particular images or videos you want to download from Dropbox.


After selecting the desired image in Dropbox, click on the three dots shown beside the selected image or video where we can see the Download option.

Download photos from Dropbox

Now, wait for some time to download the images in the particular location. The downloading speed will completely depend upon the image size and network connection.

Before downloading the images or video it will ask for the location to save if we were already given the preferred location. If not, the images will save in Downloads on the PC. Since I have not given any specific location, so it’s automatically downloaded in the Downloads of my Pc.

Downloaded image from Dropbox

In this way, we can download images or photos from Dropbox to a PC. If we want to download multiple images create a folder for particular images to download and right-click the folders to download in the local PC from Dropbox.

Multiple images download from the Dropbox

Here I have created photos as a folder, moved some images under that particular folder, and downloaded them. So it will automatically download to our PC. Sometimes it will download as a zip file. So unzip by double click and choosing Extract all.

Download Photos from Dropbox to iPhone

The Dropbox files can be accessed from any device, including our personal computer and iPhone/iPad.This means that the same files we wanted to download on our computer can now be accessed and downloaded on our iPhone/iPad.

If we want to download the photos from our iPhone/iPad, we can do so by following these steps:


To download photos from Dropbox to your iPhone/iPad, tap on the dropbox option associated with our device.

Download photos from Dropbox to ios


Select the image or video to download to your iPhone from Dropbox. Click three dots under the image or video.

Download Dropbox images


Click Save video for video downloads or Save image for the photos to save in the iPhone.

Download Dropbox video to ios

Once completing the downloading process the images or videos will be downloaded in the gallery or photos in the iPhone. Here one thing we have to consider is iPhone must be connected to either internet or wi-fi. If the images or video size is long the data may take more time to download. Wi-fi is recommended for fast downloads of files.

Download Multiple images from Dropbox to iPhone

In the same way, we can download multiple images from Dropbox to iPhone. Let’s see the below steps.


Choose multiple images or long-press the images that we want to download from Dropbox to your iPhone.Once selected the images, click the three dots which is down the page to proceed further.

Download multiple image Dropbox


Click Export to save the multiple images in Dropbox.

Downloads image Dropbox ios


Click on Save images, so that multiple images will be saved to the photos or gallery or under files as well.

Multiple images download from Dropbox

Dropbox Missing in iPhone

Even after the installation of Dropbox sometimes it will be missing in iPhone devices. This might happen because Dropbox moved to some other folder on our device. We can use the spotlight feature in the iPhone for locating the hidden Dropbox icon. We need to swipe down our home screen and can search for the Dropbox icon. If our desired folder is currently present on our device, the spotlight search feature will display a few results on the right side and help to find it.

Download Photos from Dropbox to Android

In a similar way, we can download multiple photos from Dropbox to android as well. We can easily save our photos on the cloud server using the dropbox feature& where we can easily access our files at any time.

When we install the Dropbox app on our android phone and initially we will get 2 GB of free storage which would be enough for our image files. If we need further storage& then we can buy it later as per the requirement. Let’s see how to download images from Dropbox to Android.


Firstly and foremost install the Dropbox application on an Android device or tablet. For downloading go to Playstore and install the Dropbox application.


After downloading connect the Dropbox app to our android device and sign in with the credentials.


We need to choose the desired multiple photos and then click on the three dots which are on the top as shown in the next step image.


Click Export on the options so that all the particular images will be saved.

Download images from Dropbox to Android


Once the image download is done, the images or videos either will be saved to a gallery or Drive.

Download Dropbox image to android

Furthermore, photos saved in Dropbox can be easily restored on our Android device.


We come to the conclusion in this article, we have seen downloading multiple images from the browser to the iPhone as well.

Downloading these files from Dropbox to our local storage is even safer because we will receive these files in the Zip folder and preventing the chances of data hacking or data corruption.

Moreover, few people accidentally delete their favorite photos from their devices. If this has happened to you and we still can restore these photographs from Dropbox by following the above few simple steps.

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