How to Delete OneDrive Files Without Deleting Them From My PC

A lot of procedures often seem complicated before we execute them in real time. Just like a lot of such processes, the process of deletion of OneDrive Files without permanently deleting from one’s PC is also not well grasped by a lot of people.

However, you need not worry anymore about it. In this article, we have discussed in as much detail as possible how to prevent your OneDrive files from being deleted from your PC at the time of their deletion from the app itself.

We have also presented specific points regarding other related topics. Get this article read to learn more about what it has in store for you!

How to Keep OneDrive Files on the PC Permanently?

Deleting files from your OneDrive without losing them from your PC can be achieved in two straightforward and accessible ways.

Before executing the procedure, you would like to go through some other minor procedures to ensure the unlimited storage of the files on your PC.

Here’s a brief discussion about two such steps.

1. Perform A Back-Up

Getting a backup done before deleting files can help you save yourself from losing the file permanently due to some unrequired circumstances.

Due to lack of mind, we often delete the file mistakenly from the computer and the OneDrive cloud. In such instances, having a backup of the file(s) can work as a significant plus point and save you from losing important data.

2. Shifting Or Moving The File

Moving the file out of your OneDrive is an essential step you need to look forward to when deleting files from your OneDrive folder.

Moving a folder from your OneDrive file to another folder that is not in your OneDrive does a few changes. Here’s a list of them.

  • The procedure creates a copy of the file in a new location on your PC, which is different from the one in OneDrive.
  • It erases the copy of the file in the OneDrive folder present on your PC.
  • The copy of the file in OneDrive online also gets deleted.

This way, the file is on your PC but in a different location and unavailable on OneDrive online.

Now that you know the prerequisites for storing the OneDrive files on your PC without keeping them on OneDrive, let’s get to the significant portion of the article.

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How to Delete OneDrive Files Without Deleting Them From My PC

If you wish to erase a particular file or files from your OneDrive but still wish to have it on your PC, you shall need to follow a few steps.

Getting the file out of the OneDrive folder is a must. Let’s check out how you could do it.

  • Click on the File Explorer icon and open the same.
  • Proceed to click OneDrive in the left-hand column present.
  • Look for the file you wish to keep and LEFT-click on it. It gets highlighted.
  • Select Ctrl+C to copy the file.
  • Choose where you wish to make a copy of the file.
  • Select Ctrl+V to paste the file into your new desired location.
  • Navigate to OneDrive, present on the left-hand side of File Explorer, and delete the original file.

And there you go! You can safely delete the file from your OneDrive folder without worrying about losing it forever.

Backups- A Necessity

It is a good practice to back up your files on another cloud storage application. Doing that can provide you greater security with the file, and you can access them through multiple platforms.

Some other common apps and methods which facilitate adequate backups of files are Google Drive, external hard drives, or a USB stick. Thus, if you are new to this practice, keep this procedure in mind, and you shall find it helpful in the long run.

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How Can You Make Your OneDrive Files Locally Available?

Making your OneDrive files locally available can grant you access to them even when you are offline. This is a significant lifesaver when you cannot access or use the system online. Here’s how you could facilitate the same for yourself.

  • Open File Explorer from your desktop.
  • Navigate to OneDrive, present in the left-hand column, and select it.
  • Select the file or folder of your choice.
  • Right-click on the required file or folder.
  • Select ‘Always keep on this device for facilitating the local availability of the file or folder.

You can notice the icon changing into a white tick encircled by a green circle. After this, you can see the selected desired files synced to your PC.

The process could consume a few minutes, which varies from file to file, depending on the size of the same. When the process is complete, any change or alteration made to the files on other computers can also be seen in the local copy.

Thus, accessing the same file online and offline becomes equally easy, and you can switch between the two anytime you want!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can You Delete Files From Both OneDrive And Your PC?

You can proceed to File Explorer if you have got your OneDrive and your PC synced and wish to delete specific files or files from both places. Next, look for the file of your requirement and select it for deletion. That’s it. Your required files shall be deleted at once, and you’re ready to go with it.

2. How Can You Recover Deleted Files From OneDrive?

Once the files and folders are deleted from OneDrive, the files get removed to your Mac’s Recycle Bin, and they remain there for a stipulated period (i.e., 30 days for a Microsoft account and 93 days for a work or school account).

To recover the file, you must sign in to your OneDrive account and select ‘Recycle Bin’ from the left-hand side menu.

Next, select the files you wish to set up for restoration and select ‘Restore. You shall find the file(s) restored to their original location.

3. How Can You Delete Files From your PC And Not OneDrive?

Due to storage issues, people often prefer to remove specific files from their PCs without permanently deleting them. For permanent storage, you could move the files to your OneDrive folder.

For this, you must navigate to File Explorer and select the files or folders you wish to set up for deletion. Next, move them to the OneDrive folder, and that’s it.

Last Thoughts

Now that you have a clear idea of how you can delete OneDrive files without deleting them from your PC, we hope you can quickly execute the procedure on your own.

It is as easy as it looks, and taking references such as these helps ensure you’re following the correct set of procedures. If you’ve got your question answered, what’s the wait for?

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