How to Delete All Photos from OneDrive

If you have a lot of photos on OneDrive and want to delete them all, there is an easy way to do it. In this article, we will show you how to delete all photos from OneDrive using the desktop app or the website.

To delete all photos on OneDrive, select multiple photos at once on the OneDrive official website. Now, click on the three vertical dots and select Delete. All the files will not move to the recycle bin. From here, you can then empty the bin, and all the photos will be deleted permanently.

Deleting hundreds of photos from OneDrive can be challenging, especially if you have no idea how to delete them. But we have a few methods you can use to delete them easily from your storage. We created an extensive guide that might help you out in the best possible manner.

But there is a lot more to deleting photos on OneDrive than what meets the eye. Here is all you need to know.

Why is OneDrive full?

There have been cases where people have yet to notice that their PC and OneDrive are in Sync. So whenever users upload a photo from their phone to their computer, that is simultaneously uploaded on OneDrive. They usually become aware when they get a notification saying their storage is full.

Hence, instead of saving their important work, they have been saving thousands of unnecessary photographs on OneDrive. 

Since data storage is limited, you must do house cleaning in your OneDrive. What makes the situation worse is when you try to delete those photographs or files from OneDrive, they also get removed from your computer.

Now you must be wondering if it is possible to delete photos from OneDrive without deleting them from the computer. The answer is yes. We are going to tell you the easy way to how to delete all photos from OneDrive.

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How to Delete All Photos from OneDrive?

To delete all photos from OneDrive, you can visit the official webpage on your browser and follow the steps given below.

  • Open OneDrive’s official webpage on your browser
  • Now, log in to your account using your ID and password
  • Check the circle beside all the photos you want to delete
Delete All Photos from OneDrive
  • Now, click on the three vertical dots beside any of the photos and choose Delete
How to Delete All Photos from OneDrive

All the photos will now go to recycle bin, from where you can permanently delete all the files from OneDrive.

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How to Delete All Photos from OneDrive but not from the computer?

If you are searching for a method that keeps a Photo or files safe in your computer,  you are cleaning your OneDrive. You will be glad to know that method is amazingly simple.

  • Open File Explorer if you are a window user or if you are using Mac, open Finder.
  • Now select the file you want to keep safe and move the selected file from outside the OneDrive to the folder stored in your computer’s hard drive.
Delete All Photos from OneDrive mac

Isn’t it quite simple? Here your one problem is solved. For other methods, keep on reading.

How to Delete a photo from a computer without removing it from OneDrive?

OneDrive is a well-known service for providing backup storage, meaning photos, files, videos, etc., you are storing in OneDrive will not take up space on your computer. So you can easily delete them without erasing copies from OneDrive.

For that, you need to select the image and move it to the OneDrive folder, then enable File-on-Demand for both Windows and Mac. After doing it, the selected photo will only save on OneDrive.

How to Delete a photo from both OneDrive and the computer?

There must be some photos that, at present, are completely unnecessary and just hogging the space in your device and cloud. It is better to delete such a photo for this if you have a synced computer and OneDrive.

  • You need to open File Explorer and go to the OneDrive folder
  • Select the targeted image, and delete it.

As you can see from the mentioned technique, deleting photos in OneDrive is extremely easy. But there are sometimes when you must face problems when deleting the photograph. To solve such an issue, look below.

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Why are you unable to delete a photo?

We have already seen how easy it is to delete a photo from OneDrive, but sometimes you have difficulties deleting the photos for certain reasons. In that case, you can do the following:

  • If the folder was shared by someone else, ensure you have permission to delete it or if there is any change in the link provided by them. In this case, request the administrator to permit you or delete the photo themselves.
  • Check if there is any restriction on deleting the shared file because some users put restrictions while sharing the content. Epically in organizations where there are certain restrictions on deleting some files, in such cases, ask for the support team to permit you to delete the targeted file.
  • Lastly, Check whether you are logged in to the account. When you are not logged in to your account or login in from another account, you will most probably encounter issues while deleting.

What happens with the photo if you delete it from OneDrive?

If you ever by mistake delete the OneDrive from your computer. (Although this is nearly impossible in the window). Your file remains safe on the OneDrive cloud, but you may need help accessing it by an easy method.

If you deleted OneDrive from your cell phone, you could access it using a web browser, but it will not sync the file with the computer.

Additionally, any file from now on will remain local, and no one has a presence in your OneDrive cloud. When you reinstall the OneDrive, you have to save them from a web browser manually and need to upload them on OneDrive again. 

This process can prove difficult and lengthy. So make sure you keep OneDrive. If you are intentionally doing it, save the file before deleting it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is deleting files from OneDrive safe?

It is not. When you are deleting a file from OneDrive, it will simultaneously delete the file from your computer if you have synced it.

2. How to Download files from OneDrive?

It is very simple, select the targeted file and click on the given Download button on the file.

3. Why can’t I delete a file from OneDrive?

If you can’t delete your file, it means another application is using it. Ensure the file is not in use before deleting it.


In this article, we have mentioned how to delete all photos from OneDrive. You have also learned the right method of deleting files without losing them from the computer. If you want to recover the picture recycle bin, you must follow different instruction sets.

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