How to Create Out-of-Office Reply in Outlook Online? [5 Practical Ways]

Receiving a lot of emails during break time or vacation time in Outlook and don’t know how to handle it? This is the right track to check how to create out-of-office in Outlook Online.

Everyone requires a break now and then, but it is best to set up “out of office” replies in our Outlook account before going away from the office. It can be a lifesaver as it lets clients know that you’re not available for an immediate response.

Outlook is used for communication purposes in the corporate. By sending automatic replies inform the people that you are unable to reply immediately.

Initially, I faced confusion in setting this automatic reply, but now I got clarity and also shared my experience here. Continue reading this article to get to know more.

  • Automatic reply on Outlook Online from Mac
  • Automatic reply in Outlook Online from Browser
  • Automatic reply Outlook Online Windows desktop
  • Automatic reply in Outlook Online from iPhone
  • Automatic reply in Outlook Online from Android

Automatic Reply on Outlook Online from Mac

For Mac, we will see in the below steps how to create Out of office in Outlook.

  • First and foremost open Outlook on the Mac operating system.
  • Select the Tools option from the toolbar and also select Out of office options.
  • Select the check box to send automatic replies.
  • In this step, you can enter a message to inform your contacts that you are unavailable.
  • Select the check box that only sends replies during this time and select the date and time duration.
  • Select the check box Also send replies to senders outside my organization and choose according to your wish.
  • Select OK to see the changes in Outlook.

The Out of reply message will be delivered at a particular time to the organization.

Automatic Reply in Outlook Online from Browser

Setting Automatic replies in Outlook from the browser is easy. Let’s see how the process is in detail below.


Open Outlook and sign in with your own credentials. The Outlook home page appears.


At the top of the page, tap the Settings option or gear symbol to view the other settings option. Then click View all Outlook settings.

Out of reply in Outlook


Once after clicking that option, select the Mail option then click Automatic replies. From that enable Automatic replies on and also select the checkbox that sends replies during a time period, and choose the date from the Start time and End time.

Automatic reply in Outlook


In this step, select the checkbox from which you want to be in the action from the below option.

  • Block my calendar for this period.
  • Automatically decline new invitations for events that occur during this period.
  • Decline and cancel my meetings during this period.

At the bottom of the page, we can write a message and send it to the people and also have the option to change font size, color, etc.

Automatic reply message in Outlook


If you want to send an email to outside contact, choose to send replies outside your organization or Send answers only to contacts. Click Save at the top of the window.

Outlook reply message

If you didn’t set a time period for automatic replies, you will need to turn it off manually by Settings> view full settings>Mail>Automatic replies>Disable Turn on automatic replies.

Automatic Reply on Outlook Online from Windows Desktop

Setting Automatic replies on desktop Outlook applications is also easier than the browser part. Let’s get started with the sequential steps.


Open Outlook in the Desktop application and select the File option on the Outlook homepage.

File option to set out of reply in Outlook


Next, select the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) option from the Account Information page.

Account setting in Outlook reply


In this step, click the check box option to Send automatic replies and simultaneously click the check box Only send during this time. Give the start time and end time so that automatically reply will send at that particular time.

Out of reply in Outlook


Type the message you want to appear in the automatic reply and click OK.

Automatic reply message in Outlook

The changes will be done once we click the Ok option. The automatic reply will be delivered at a particular time.

Automatic Reply in Outlook Online from iPhone

Outlook has a great mobile version available on the App Store. If we manage our emails from the convenience of our iPhone, then set up “Out of Office” replies is much more straightforward. Let’s get started.

  • Initially install Microsoft Outlook 365 on the iPhone from the app store.
Outlook install in iPhone
  • Sign in with the proper credentials and click the Home option in Outlook to proceed. Select the profile name at the top and click the Settings option or gear option which is at bottom of the page.
Out of reply in Outlook from iOS
  • Select in the Settings page to select the Automatic Replies option which is in off mode, click that to enable or make it ON to send automatic replies.
Out of reply in Outlook from the iPhone
  • In the Automatic Replies page, enable Automatic Replies and also Reply during a time period also choose the time period for replies then type out of office message and click Tick mark at the top right of the screen.
Setting time in Outlook for out of office reply

Now all set to send Out of office replies in the outlook application when user not in the organization.

Automatic Reply in Outlook Online from Android

Working on the Android Outlook app is a good experience but turning on your “out of office” replies before going on leave is even simpler. Before you office, enable your “out of office” responses with these steps:

  • Install Outlook on the Android device and the play store to set Out of office reply.
Outlook in android for out of office reply
  • As usual, sign in with the proper credential to get in.
Sign in outlook to set reply in Android
  • Select the Home button which is in the left top corner. Scroll down to see the Settings option which is at the bottom left corner.
Settings in android to set out of reply
  • Choose the appropriate Outlook account to set out-of-office replies in android.
Account setting in Outlook for the reply
  • Toggle ON the Automatic replies option which is in the off state on the Account info page.
Enable Out of office reply in Android
  • Type the text message and enable Reply during a time period then choose the date and time period. Tap the Tickmark icon which is at the top right corner.
Set Automatic replies in Outlook from Android

Now the reply messages will be delivered on a particular date to the contacts.

Final Thought

Setting Out of office reply is important in an organization since they may also know when to expect a response if you provided that type of information in your “out of office” reply, making communication a lot easier and life a lot simpler.

Here I have covered everything related to Out of office replies in all modes as well. I believe I have given simple and enough information for this article.

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