How to Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac

If you’re a photographer or use a professional camera, you must be familiar with RAW photos. A raw image file consists barely of any compressed data and is named as such because they haven’t been processed yet. Which also means they cannot be printed or used in other forms. You need to convert RAW to JPEG on Mac, PNG, or any type that can be used on different devices.

In order to convert RAW files to jpeg on mac, start by opening one of them in the Preview mode on your Mac. Now, click on the File menu and tap on Export. Select the Format option and JPEG from the list in the next window. Lastly, save the file to save changes.

This article details how to convert RAW images to JPEG using Preview on your Mac. 

How to Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac?

Converting raw images to JPEG on your Mac is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is use the Preview app, which is defaulted on all Macs. Read the steps provided below to learn more. 

  • Open a Finder window. You can find the Finder application on the dock; if you cannot find it there, don’t worry; there are other ways to open it as well. 
  • Press the magnifying glass icon on the Menu bar to launch the Spotlight search bar. Subsequently, you can also use the Command-Space shortcut to do the same. 
  • Enter “finder” in the search bar without quotation marks and hit the return key to open the application. 
  • Once a finder window has been opened, look for the raw image you want to convert. 
  • Double-click to open it; if the raw file begins in some other application like Photoshop or Adobe, close it out. 
  • Select the file and right-click on it to display the context menu. Click on Open with and select Preview from the list. 
  • Once the raw file has opened inside Preview, move the cursor over to the Menu bar and click on the File option.
How to Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac
  • Select the Export option from the list. 
  • Click the box next to the Format option and select JPEG from the list.
Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac
  • Select a location to save the file and click on Save when you’re happy with it. 

This is how to Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac.

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How to Convert Multiple RAW Files to JPEG Using Online Tools?

You can try converting multiple RAW files to JPEG by using other online tools on Mac. Here are the steps you can follow.

1. Cloud Convert

It is one of the most user-friendly tools available on the internet. Instead of using an inbuilt tool on Mac, you can choose to go with Cloud Convert. Here is how you can convert RAW files to JPEG with a few simple clicks.

  • Open the official Cloud Convert site on your browser.
  • Now, click on the Select Files options and add the file RAW file from your computer.
  • Customize the width, height, and fit of the file as per your need.
Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac
  • Under the watermark sections, you can also choose to make the image a copyright one.
  • Now, click on Convert.
How to Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac

Once the image is finished converting, you can now choose to download it.

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2. Online Convert Free

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to convert the files and makes edits to them, such as resizing, compressing, cropping, etc., then this tool is what you need right now. It has everything you could ask for. In order to convert the files, here is what you can do.

  • Simply drag the RAW file from your Mac into this webpage.
  • You can either add more files to convert a batch of files or simply start with one.
  • Now, click on Convert after choosing the destination format.

You can keep repeating the process and convert as many files as you want.

Extracting Images Using the Preview App on Mac

You can select and extract specific parts of an image using the Preview app on Mac. Read the instructions provided below to see how it is done.

  • Open a Finder window. You can find the Finder application on the dock
  • Select the file, right-click on it to display the context menu, select Open with, and choose Preview from the list. 
  • Click the Show markup toolbar button, which should be right beside the search button. 
  • Choose the Selection Tools menu from the markup toolbar and select the Smart Lasso tool. 
  • Use the smart lasso tool to trace around the edges of the portion of the picture that you want to select. 
  • Once the area is selected, click the Edit tab from the menu bar and select Save. 
  • Subsequently, to delete everything except the highlighted portion of the picture, click on the Edit tab on the menu bar, select Invert selection from the list, and hit the Delete button. 

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That’s about it for this article, folks. Here is all you need to know on how you can choose to convert RAW to JPEG on Mac. These files are not accessible or supported by devices all around the world. Hence it is important to convert them to a readable format. You can use the Preview mode on Mac for the same purpose, or there are multiple web tools.

These tools make converting the files in a batch easier than doing it one by one. Hence, make sure you have collected all the images in a single place and simply drag the folder to the website and click on Convert. At the time of download, you will get a zip file for it that you can easily unzip and get the images.

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