How to Clear Dropbox Cache? [5 Efficient Approaches]

Unable to clear the Dropbox cache? Then this is the right page you appeared to see how to clear Dropbox cache.

We could be wasting valuable hard drive space on the Operating System drive if we haven’t checked this folder.

The files in the Dropbox folder won’t be synced to Dropbox on the web by showing an error if our C drive gets full. Then for all good reasons, we can delete this cache folder and have disk space easily.

We can manually clear the cache by deleting these files if we need the space. It won’t take a lot of space permanently, necessarily, but if we delete a large file, it might make a notable difference.

Let’s see below to clear the Dropbox cache.

  • What is Dropbox Cache?
  • How to clear Dropbox cache in windows
  • How to clear Dropbox cache on Mac
  • How to clear Dropbox cache on iPhone
  • How to clear Dropbox cache in Android
  • How to clear Dropbox cache in Linux

What is Dropbox Cache?

The Dropbox cache is a hidden folder in our root Dropbox folder called “.dropbox.cache.” This folder will not be visible unless our operating system allows us to view hidden files and folders.

Sometimes we try to delete a large number of files in Dropbox. However, these deletions are not reflected on our computer’s hard drive. The files we deleted already will be stored in the cache folder.

Dropbox maintains a file cache for efficiency and emergency purposes. It also serves as a central area for file downloads and uploads.

How to Clear the Dropbox Folder

Our cache folder is automatically cleared every three days. If we need to clear any files in an emergency, we need to make some space on our hard drives. We can manually clear the cache on Dropbox in the forthcoming steps.

Clear Cache in Dropbox Business or Team User

If we have two Dropbox accounts connected to the same desktop, the name of our Dropbox folder will be adjoint with our team’s name in “(Personal),” depending on the type of account.

When we try to clear the cache on Dropbox Business account names as ”Organization” we can use this link ~/Dropbox (Organization)/.dropbox.cache.

How to Clear Dropbox Cache in Windows

Cache clear will let us use some hidden space in the computer. We will see how to clear the Dropbox cache on windows by the below steps.


Open the Run command by pressing the window key + R (or) type Run in the start button (or) hit the window key + X to click the Run option.

open Run to clear Dropbox cache


The next dialog box will appear with an open option. Type or copy-paste %HOMEPATH%\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache and press ok.

see cache to clear in DROPBOX


Once it is opened, all the cache folders will appear on the screen. We can delete the files in that folder by selecting all together or using the shortcut key Shift + Delete key.

clear dropbox cache in windows

The above steps clearly explain how to clear the Dropbox cache in windows. Try these steps carefully to get some hidden space by deleting hidden files.

How to Clear Dropbox Cache on Mac

Keeping in mind that at times we delete some sensitive or important information in Dropbox by mistake and then we may want to recover it, the cache in Dropbox is kept for a few days.

However, there may be moments when we wish to delete the cache manually to recover more space. Go through the below steps to clear the Dropbox cache on Mac.


The simple way to clear Dropbox cache on Mac is to move to the cache folder using the finder’s “Go to Folder” option. Once the finder opens click GO in the menu bar and select “Go to Folder“.

Alternatively, we can use the keyboard shortcut shift + command + G  to open the “Go to the Folder”.


Go to the folder option and type or paste ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache. Click Go or tap enter to the Dropbox cache folder.

clear cache dropbox in Mac


Once the cache folder opens select all the files by pressing the command + A.

cache clear dropbox in Mac


Right-click and select Move to Bin. Now we have deleted our Dropbox cache.

cache cleared in dropbox mac

I believe the above process made it easier to clear the Dropbox cache on Mac.

How to Clear Dropbox Cache on iPhone

We have seen to clear cache Dropbox on windows and Mac. Are there any options available for mobile too? Yes, it’s there. We need more space in mobile compared to PCs. Now, we are going to see how it works for iPhones.


Open Dropbox on your iOS device.

clear cache in iOS dropbox


In the next step, we need to tap on the settings icon which is on the top right.

clear cache in dropbox ios


Next, scroll down to see Clear cache, and hit on that to move next step.

cache clear in ios dropbox


For confirmation, tap on Clear Cache once again so that cache will be clear in the Dropbox iOS.

cache clear in dropbox ios

We can also clear the Dropbox history as well. It will help to run a Dropbox app without getting slow. To do that thing, tap on Clear search history which is above Clear cache.

How to Clear Dropbox Cache on Android

Let me show you for the android device as well. Now have a look at the below points and see how to clear the Dropbox cache in Android devices.


Open Dropbox on your android mobile and click the three lines in the top left corner.

cache clear dropbox


Once it is done, Click the Settings option to do the next step.

android clear cache dropbox


Scroll down to see, Clear cache options. Hit on that to clear the Dropbox cache in Android.

clear cache android dropbox


Once we click on the Clear cache option, the message will show as Cache cleared.

cache cleared in dropbox

The unwanted file will be cleared, as like iOS, we can clear search history as well in android too to run the app smoothly.

How to Clear Dropbox Cache in Linux

We can see below 2 steps to clear the Dropbox cache in Linux. Though, it will be helpful for Linux users since Linux users are 32.8 million. So, let’s check below the steps.

  • Open a terminal window in the Linux OS.
  • Enter the link or type the link  “rm -R ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache/*” without quotes, which will delete or clear the cache files in Dropbox directly.

Summing Up

Now we come to the end of this article. I trust I have covered everything related to clearing the Dropbox cache.

From what is Dropbox to using via Linux I have written clearly. Hope this article helps you out while you find difficulties in clearing your cache.

Go through step by step to get clarity on all the methods and have a deep look at screenshots as well.

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