How to Check OneDrive Space [2 Methods]

Do you want to check onedrive storage size, keep reading, in this onedrive tutorial, we will discuss different ways to check onedrive space?

Nearly all major computer companies today provide cloud storage. For instance, there is “Google One” from Google, “iCloud” from Apple, “Amazon Drive” from Amazon, and “OneDrive” from Microsoft. OneDrive offers a solution to safely store all of your data in one location that you can access from anywhere, much like the other businesses. 

OneDrive features a seamless connection with the Windows 10 operating system and easy connectivity with other Microsoft services, which makes it different from other cloud storage options and may be the best option for Windows 10 customers.

No matter which service you select, the storage is limited; therefore, sometimes, you should check the storage utilization to see how much storage you have used and how much storage is still available. 

You may use this information to decide if it’s time to increase your OneDrive storage or sign up for a Microsoft 365 subscription to access the 1TB offering together with the Office program suite, delete things you don’t really need to make more space or do both.

How to Check OneDrive Space

You may check OneDrive’s storage usage in two different ways using the methods in this Windows 10 article.

Method 1: How to check OneDrive space usage on Windows 

Follow these procedures to analyze OneDrive’s storage usage and available space:

  • In the lower right corner, click the OneDrive symbol.
  • Then select the gear icon.
  • Select Settings.
how to check onedrive storage in mobile
  • Click On the Account tab
  • Check the storage use and available space under the “OneDrive” column.
How to check OneDrive Space
Check OneDrive Space

You will be able to see how much space is being used in your cloud storage account once you have finished the steps.

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Method 2: How to check OneDrive storage usage on the Browser

You may examine even more information regarding OneDrive storage utilization online. A fast or detailed summary is available to view. 

You can discover which files are using up the most space and make room for them. Additionally, you may take advantage of the referral program to gain extra storage by referring friends to the site.

Follow these steps to see a short summary of your OneDrive storage:

  • Launch OneDrive online.
  • Use your credentials to log in (if applicable).
  • The top-right corner’s Settings (gear) button should be clicked.
how to check remaining space in onedrive
  • Click on the Options link.
how to check onedrive storage
  • In the left pane, click Manage storage.
  • Now you can check the OneDrive space consumption in the “Storage Summary” section.
how to check onedrive storage size

Additionally, to make space, select the Empty Recycle bin option.

You’ll be able to see how much space is being used by you and how much is still available in the account once you’ve finished the steps.

You can review your account information and have the choice to upgrade the services to receive a greater cloud storage capacity so you can store more files in addition to the storage consumption summary.

If you are out of space, we advise signing up for one of the Microsoft 365 plans, which includes 1,000GB of OneDrive storage in addition to other benefits. 

You can use the Office programs, Microsoft Family Safety, Microsoft Teams (consumer), and other tools like Microsoft Editor, PowerPoint Presenter Coach, Money in Excel, and more with the subscription. Additionally, you can add another 1TB of storage to your membership to make a total of 2 TB.

You receive 1TB of storage as well as total access to all the features and benefits of Microsoft 365. Depending on the subscription, you can share the account with up to six individuals and install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps on up to five devices.

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How to View files Taking the Most Storage

Follow these instructions to see the OneDrive files taking up the most space.

  • Open OneDrive web.
  • Use your credentials to log in (if applicable).
  • The top-right corner’s Settings (gear) button should be clicked.
  • On the Options link, click.
  • In the left pane, click Manage storage.
  • Click the What’s taking up space? Link there under the “Storage Summary” section.
how to check onedrive storage online

Now you can examine which files are using the most space. Additionally, to make space, choose the files you wish to delete and select the Delete key on the toolbar.

After completing the steps, you would be able to see which files are using up the most space. If you want to free up space in the service, you might want to delete or move these files to another storage.

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Additionally, You can Get more OneDrive storage for free 

Microsoft’s referral program enables users to gain additional storage by encouraging others to utilize their cloud service. 

Each individual you suggest to OneDrive via the referral link will give you an additional 500GB, and you can receive up to 10GB of extra storage by using the program.

Follow these steps to use the referral program:

  • Launch OneDrive online.
  • Use your credentials to log in (if applicable).
  • The top-right corner’s Settings (gear) button should be clicked.
  • On the Options link, click.
  • In the left pane, click Manage storage.
  • Click the Earn more link under the Your Additional Storage column.
  • Share the link with anyone by copying it.

You and the other individual will each get 500MB more storage after you finish the instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I see the size of OneDrive for all users?

The steps below should be followed to obtain the OneDrive use data for all users through the Microsoft 356 admin center. Register using the Microsoft 365 Admin center. In the left navigation, select Reports >> Usage. Select View More from the OneDrive Files menu.

2. How much space do I have on my personal OneDrive?

When you join up for OneDrive, you receive 5 GB of free storage; however, you can always purchase additional storage or subscribe to Microsoft 365 to gain extra storage. Visit to learn more, or contact Office support if you have any queries about a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes a OneDrive storage plan.

3. How much space do I get with OneDrive for business?

You will get around 1 TB with OneDrive for a business account. The standard amount of storage for each user’s OneDrive is 1 TB for most subscription levels. You can extend this storage up to 5 TB, depending on your subscription and the number of licensed users.


Users who have a Microsoft 365 membership (formerly Office 365) are entitled to 1TB of OneDrive storage space. However, Microsoft only provides 5GB of online storage if you use a free personal account. 

The likelihood is that if you have a 1TB plan, you won’t need to check how much space you’re using all that frequently. However, you may wish to examine it more frequently if you’re using the space available the company offers you for joining up. 

We sincerely hope that you now fully understand how to check the storage on your Onedrive account.

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