How to Change a Title in Reply Mail in Outlook Online? [3 Ways]

Are you unaware of editing or renaming the title or subject of the reply email in Outlook? Check this article to see how to change a title in reply email in Outlook Online.

Many users have questions regarding changing the subject lines of their messages, mainly because they want to save time by changing the topic to better represent the message’s content.

This is possible and easy to do; Here we go to check how to do that changes in Microsoft Outlook 365 application.

  • Editing the subject in Outlook from Mac
  • Disable Conversation View in the Outlook from Mac
  • Edit Email in Outlook from the Windows
  • Change the Received Email in Subject Line
  • Change or Edit subject Line for Multiple Mails

Editing the Subject in Outlook from Mac

Outlook on Mac also supports editing the subject. Check the below steps and try editing in Mac device.

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application in the Mac device.
  • We will need to select a particular message in the message lists and edit the message from the menu bar of Outlook to open the message in the editing mode.
  • We can edit the subject line as per our needs and then click the Save button.

Disable Conversation View in the Outlook from Mac

To turn off the conversation view, check the below steps.

  • Move ahead to the View ribbon and deselect the show in conversation option
  • We can also this option to deselect conversation. Right-click on the row of field names above the message list and click Show message in conversation to deselect it.

Edit Email in Outlook from the Windows

Even though we can change the subject of a message and save the new subject line, by default, Outlook shows us messages grouped or merged by Conversation Topic. In order to see the newly changed subject line in our message list, we will need to create, change or custom view.

Change the Received Email in Subject Line

Here we will see how to change the subject line for the received email in Microsoft Outlook Online.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365 application from Windows.
  • Double-click the message to open it to edit the subject. We can’t change the message subject from the Reading Pane. Select Reply all so it will open to edit the title.
How to edit reply title in Outlook
  • Select the subject line. click anywhere inside the subject line. Once you see a cursor, press CTRL+A to select the entire subject line.
Subject change in reply email in Outlook
  • Type your new subject so that new subject will be visible for the particular email.
  • Click the Save icon in the top left corner of the message window, then close the message.
  • Our new subject will show up in the Reading Pane, but the message list will still show the original conversation topic.

Change or Edit Subject Line for Multiple Mails

Here, this method will guide us to change the folder’s view setting and edit email’s subject lines in the Message List directly. Please do as follows:

  • In the Mail view, open the folder containing emails whose subject lines you want to change, and click View>Current view–>View Settings.
How to change reply title in Outlook
  •  Now the Advanced View Settings dialog box comes out, please click the Other Settings button. 
Edit reply title for multiple emails
  •  In the Other Settings dialog box, please check the Allow in-cell editing option, and then click the OK buttons successively to close both dialog boxes.
Settings in reply title edit in MS Outlook
  • Now return to the folder, please click View>Layout–>Reading pane>off close the reading pane.
Reading pane in Outlook

Now in the Message List, we can click the subject line we want to change, and then edit it directly. And then repeat this step to edit multiple emails’ subject lines as you need.


In this article, we have seen how to change or edit subject title in Microsoft Outlook. Since it is an easy and few-step process. Try from your side and see the changes in Outlook and keep it for future reference.

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