How to Delete Admin User on Mac

how to delete admin user on macbook

If you want to delete any users on your Mac, you need to be an administrator first. This is helpful as if one account has not been used in a long time, then it can be deleted to free up space and possibly make your Mac run quicker by de-cluttering it. You can delete admin … Read more >>

How To Stop Finder Action on Mac

How To Stop Finder Action on Mac

Finder is the default file manager that comes installed on all Macs. It is the first thing that you will notice when you start up your Mac. It opens automatically and will stay open even when you use other applications. The layout is user-friendly, with the Finder menu bar at the top and the various … Read more >>

How to Save iMovie on Your Mac

Save iMovie on Your Mac

iMovie is Apple’s Proprietary video editor allowing you to create professional videos without much effort. iMovie is a popular choice for entry-level video editors allowing people to make small edits and tweak the videos. It also allows you to save and export them in formats like MOV, mp4, etc.  However, one of the main problems … Read more >>

How to Delete Messages on Mac [4 Methods]

Delete Messages on Mac

Apple’s iMessage is one of its most prolific applications due to its ease of use and interoperability with other apple devices. It allows you to seamlessly sync all your messages and conversations across all your devices without doing anything manually. However, if you are looking to get rid of all these messages that might be … Read more >>

How to Delete Downloads on Mac

How to Delete Downloads on Mac

You can delete a file or folder on Mac. One is by using the Move to bin option, and the other is by dragging and dropping the files or folder over to the trash bin. You can delete downloads on Mac using some direct methods. Simply choose the drag-and-drop method, where you can take up … Read more >>

How to Make a Scroll Bar Appear on Mac

how to make scroll bar appear on mac

While using a Mac, if you notice that the vertical scroll bar is missing, you can easily fix that from the System Preferences. By default, it is set to appear depending on where the cursor is, but that can be changed, so it is available all the time. The best way to make a scroll … Read more >>

How to Move a Folder on Mac [3 Ways]

How to Move a Folder on Mac

If you’re new to the Apple ecosystem or your first time using a Mac, you might need some organizational tips for files and folders. This is especially important if you’re switching from a Windows system, as file organization is done differently on the Mac. To move a folder on Mac you can use multiple methods. … Read more >>

iCloud Drive Take Up Space on Mac – How to Fix

why is icloud drive using space on my mac

iCloud is the cornerstone of Apple’s entire ecosystem. It allows devices to sync with each other and sync photos, videos, and other media files between devices using the same Apple ID. Furthermore, iCloud comes with five gigabytes of storage as default. You can fix the issue if your iCloud Drive take up space on Mac. … Read more >>

How to Turn on Skype Camera on Mac

turn on skype camera on Mac

Skype is one of the most famous video-calling software out there. It was founded in 2003 as a peer-to-peer messaging service, gradually moving towards video conferencing and calls. Millions of users worldwide currently use this application; however, some have been facing certain camera issues on their system while accessing skype. If you want to learn … Read more >>

Do Not Disturb on Mac – How to Use

Do Not Disturb on Mac

Mac has tremendously improved its do not disturb features with the introduction of Focus in the previous years, which allows you to focus on the important things and automates several tasks depending on the location, time, and other things. You can turn On or Off Do Not Disturb on Mac with only a few simple … Read more >>