How to edit a scanned document on a Mac?

edit a scanned document on a Mac

Documents scanned on your phones or tablets can be inserted into Word documents. In most cases, you will need to convert the picture into a text document to be able to edit it in Word. Here is a tutorial article that explains how to edit a scanned document on Mac. To edit a scanned document … Read more >>

How do you open a blank document on a mac?

How do you open a blank document on a mac

While working on Word online, you must have noticed that when you login to the Website, you have a start screen. On this screen, you have the templates you can choose from as well as a blank document option. This tutorial article answers the question: How do you open a blank document on a Mac? … Read more >>

import/export option greyed out outlook 365 mac

import option disabled in outlook mac

Recently, I got a 16-inch MacBook Pro and tried to import pst (email) to outlook 365, but I saw the import/export greyed out in Outlook 365. In this mac tutorial, I will explain, how do I enable import/export in outlook mac. import option disabled in outlook mac We can easily import emails from a windows … Read more >>

How to Connect Beats to Mac

How to Connect Beats to Mac

Beats by Dr. Dre took the world by storm when they were released back in 2006. They quickly became one of the most famous headphone brands offering exceptional audio quality. Beats was acquired by Apple in 2014 and has since gone on to produce some amazing headphones. Here are some ways and steps you can … Read more >>

How to Page Down on Mac

Page-up and page-down keys are commonplace on external and Windows keyboards. They allow you to instantly scroll an entire page up or down by pressing a single button. However, as you may have noticed, such controls do not exist on your Mac’s keyboard. Fret not; just because there aren’t dedicated buttons to do that doesn’t … Read more >>

How to Hide Toolbar On Mac

how to hide toolbar on mac

There are many applications, both native and third-party, that have toolbars with buttons to provide access to features, actions, and shortcuts quickly. You also have the option to show and hide this toolbar if you choose to. To hide toolbar on mac, right-click on any document and open it in Preview mode. Now, head over … Read more >>

What Are Relocated Items on Mac – Is it Safe?

previously relocated items on mac

After the macOS Monterey update, many users noticed a mysterious folder known as Relocated Items on their Macs. This folder showed up automatically after the update. When you open the folder for the first time, you will see a Configurations file and a text file named “what are relocated items?” which explains the reason for … Read more >>

How to Enable JavaScript on Mac

How to Enable JavaScript on Mac

JavaScript is necessary for properly functioning websites; it allows webpages to be interactive and is used on both the client and server sides. It also adds dynamic content to web pages to make them look nice. Needless to say that enabling JavaScript on your browser is very important and, if not done so, may lead … Read more >>

How to Unlock Mac Keyboard [3 Different ways]

Your Mac has an option to lock or unlock the keyboard to prevent unwanted inputs. This feature is extremely useful when cleaning out the keyboard, and if you press any button on the keyboard when the Mac sleeps, it will wake the screen up. To unlock Mac keyboard, you can use this party apps such … Read more >>

How to Authorize Apple TV on Mac

How to Authorize Apple TV on Mac

Authorizing AppStore purchases on your Mac allows you to play and access your applications, music, and videos. You can authorize up to five computers simultaneously to access and play your purchases. If you want to authorize more than five computers, you’ll need to deauthorize a computer and add a new one. You can approve your … Read more >>