How to Erase Data on iPhone? [5 Methods]

5 Methods to Erase Data on iPhone

Storage space can be a hot topic for people who have a hard time managing it in their iPhones. So, let’s check out the how to erase data on iPhone. Albeit, erasing data from iPhone can be a bit of a hassle. Moreover, emptying the iPhone data is also important as it starts to lag … Read more >>

How to Set Up Face ID on iPhone? [2 Direct Methods]

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How to Set and Reset Keyboard on iPhone? [6 Efficient Ways]

6 Efficient Ways to Configure and Reset Keyboard on iPhone

Want to save certain keywords and phrases for texting purposes? You have landed at the right place! Let’s see the 6 efficient ways to set and reset keyboard on iPhone. Fast texting and pop lingo is the trend of the hour. And most of us would like to keep up with fast-changing texting and key … Read more >>

How to Set Up Siri on iPhone? [2 Efficient Ways]

How to Set Up Siri on iPhone

The quickest way to complete tasks on iPhone is by commanding Apple’s voice assistant ‘Siri’. Further, Siri not only finishes the chore but also saves our precious time. So, let’s find out how to set up Siri on iPhone 14 or iPhone 13. Being a busy person, completing tasks on time is extremely crucial to … Read more >>

How to Loop Videos on iPhone? [5 Easy Methods]

How to Loop Videos on iPhone

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How to Highlight a Screenshot on iPhone? [9 Fast Approaches]

How to Highlight a Screenshot on iPhone

Initially, I didn’t know that highlighting a screenshot on iPhone was possible. However, after researching for some time, I found out that iPhone does provide a few handy tools to highlight screenshots to help its users. Sometimes, after taking a screenshot on an iPhone, we may need to highlight a few important things on it. … Read more >>

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone? [11 Ultimate Methods]

screenshot on iPhone 12 pro max

Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot of something important but faced a dilemma on how to take one? Well, this article is going to help you with exactly that issue. Learn how to take screenshots on iPhone with this step-by-step guide! Screenshots are a picture taken of the crucial information shown on the … Read more >>

How To Set up iPhone? [With 3 Bonus Tips]

How To Setup iPhone?

With the evergreen popularity of Apple products, it is hard to miss out on any new launches. iPhone is the most valuable Apple product and has a sea of users that keeps increasing day by day. But the users have a constant problem: setting up the phone. So, let’s see how we can set up … Read more >>