How to Clear Recent in Google Drive

How to Clear Recent in Google Drive

With the innovative features of the popular cloud storage solution – Google Drive, collaboration has become easier than ever. Along with synchronizing and sharing files between multiple users, it also allows you to check the recently accessed files and folders. We have created a proper guide on how to clear recent in google drive to help … Read more >>

How to Share Videos on Google Drive

Share Videos on Google Drive

Ask anyone; they will tell you Google Drive is the best platform to share large videos with people over the internet. Even not just video, you can use Google Drive to share almost all types of files with other users over the internet. However, in this article, I will discuss how to share videos on … Read more >>

How To Password Protect Google Drive Folder – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Password Protect Google Drive Folder

With the fledgling progress in cloud technology and virtual instances, it has become easier to store, and access files online. The technology pioneer Google also offers free cloud storage through one of their most popular products known as Google Drive. This is a comprehensive guide on how to password protect Google drive folder. It’s an … Read more >>

How to transfer ownership of Google Drive Files

As soon as you create any document on Google Docs, sheets, slides, drawings, maps, etc, you are the owner of that file automatically. However, if you wish to share your doc with anyone else or simply transfer ownership of Google Drive documents, you can follow the guide we have mentioned here that will help you … Read more >>

What is Google Drive and how to use it

You might have massive storage space on your laptops or your smartphones. But nothing comes close to storing large files on cloud storage. You can share them with other users very easily. Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage on the web currently. It has millions of users storing and sharing files … Read more >>