How to Share Large Video Files Using Google Drive

Sharing large video files on Google Drive isn’t an issue. Unlike Gmail, it does not have a 25 MB cap on the files you can share with other people. The only factor that would affect this would be the space available on your Google Drive. This article explains how to upload and share large video … Read more >>

How to List Files in a Folder and Subfolder on Google Drive

List Files in a Folder and Subfolder on Google Drive

Google Drive has lots of prebuilt tools that can be used to modify, create and edit files. However, there’s no app or tool to display the contents of a folder or a subfolder. In general, while you are viewing Google Drive, you can see the list of all files already on it. But the same … Read more >>

Files Not Uploading to Google Drive [How to Fix]

How to move to the bottom in word online

Google Drive is one of the most accessible and feature-packed cloud services available out there. It offers 15 GB of storage data upfront without any hidden costs. However, there might be some times when you face some trouble while uploading or downloading files from it. A lot of users have complained about how they have … Read more >>

How to Search Large Files on Google Drive

How to Search Large Files on Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage service available as it is free to use and offers 15 GB upfront without any additional or hidden costs. If you’re a person who uploads and backs up everything, you might have a cluttered Drive. Google Drive offers various methods to sort files and documents using different … Read more >>

How to Make Files Public on Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to publicly share your files with other people, even those who do not have a Google account. You need to create a public link and send it out to people. You can also control people’s access to that particular file, whether they can only view, comment, or edit it.  This is … Read more >>

How to Download Google Drive Files on iPad

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the best cloud drive applications available; however, using it on iPhones and iPads isn’t as easy as in Windows or Android. The Android ecosystem blends very well with Google Drive, as the same company makes both. Using Google Drive on an Android system feels intuitive. However, when it comes … Read more >>

How to Transfer Files from Google Drive to iCloud

Moving your data from one cloud service to the other can be a hassle, especially if the size of the files is large. There are several ways you can transfer your data from one cloud service to the other. The only difference is the time taken for each method. If you have filled up your … Read more >>

How To Sort Files in Google Drive

Your Google Drive can quickly run out of storage if you have just the basic 15 GB plan. If you’re a person who backs up every photo, video, and file, you know how clustered the Drive can get. Sorting your files in Google Drive is simple but not intuitive enough. There are very few parameters … Read more >>

How to Copy and Paste Files in Google Drive

Copy and Paste Files in Google Drive

Are you looking to copy and paste your file on Google Drive? Well, the process of copying and pasting files is just as easy on Google Drive as on a PC. However, it is not quite similar. If you have a large size a file it may not be as easy to copy it from … Read more >>

How to View Shared Files in Google Drive 

Sharing files and documents has become commonplace on Google Drive. You can share files owned by you with your colleagues to collaborate on them together. Furthermore, you can also keep in check the level of access other people have to files shared by you. This tutorial is all about, how to view shared files in … Read more >>