What does green checkmark mean on Google Drive?

Are you aware of the Green checkmark in Google Drive? Then follow this Google Drive tutorial to know what it means and how it will be in Google Drive. Generally, a green tickmark indicates the files and folders are synchronized properly and it is up to date. Online file hosting and synchronizing services like Google … Read more >>

Google Drive Vs Google Docs – Overview & Comparison

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How to Delete Files from Google Drive Permanently?

how do i permanently delete files from google drive

Storage space is the main concern for Google Drive users and the internet giant has set limitations of 15 GB of free storage for each user. If the new files are added to Google Drive, they will added to the 15GB of memory space count. To make use of your 15 GB of free storage … Read more >>

How to see folder size in Google Drive

Folder Size in the Google Drive

Are you aware of the folder size in Google Drive? This is the right platform to check how to see the folder size in Google Drive. We are familiar with Google Drive, which is a great cloud storage space to store your files and folders. Google Drive has various free plans and paid plans to … Read more >>

How to Reduce file size in Google Drive

Folder Size in the Google Drive

Do you want to reduce the file size in Google Drive? Follow this tutorial to check how you can reduce file size in Google Drive. Google Drive includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Photos, and Google Slides, which formulates an office suite that allows team editing. These include documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, and forms. Uploading … Read more >>

How to Turn Off Google Drive Sync

Stop autosync from the Drive

Have you tried Turning off Sync in Drive? Then this is the right page to check How to turn off Google Drive Sync. Google Drive is a familiar and also one of the most popular cloud storage services among all the options available on the web. Since it has sync options sometimes it will be … Read more >>

How to Get Google Drive icon on Taskbar

Google Drive taskbar

Is it possible to use Google Drive on the desktop application? Then this is the right page to land to check how to get the Google Drive Icon on Taskbar. Google Drive is a flexible storage that is compatible with a wide range of devices so that you can access it from anywhere from any … Read more >>

How to Get Unlimited Google Drive Storage

Unlimited Storage in Google Drive

Google Drive is the best storage available today and is popularly known as a modern-day hard drive as it provides enough amount of storage where you can store your important information as notes, files as documents, and photos as memories. Similar to a hard drive, the Google Drive storage is not unlimited and may run … Read more >>

How to Make a Graph on Google Drive

Graphs are an effective way to summarize a large dataset in visual form with a clean and clear presentation. By seeing the presentation, you can get a clear point without reading the whole paragraphs. Have you tried making graphs in Google Drive? Well, I will share with you here how to create a graph in … Read more >>