How to Turn Off Google Drive Sync on all platforms

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How to delete files from google drive permanently?

Storage space management is the main concern for Google Drive users and the internet giant has set a capping of 15 GB free storage for each user. As per the latest cloud storage policy of Google LLC, any new files created in drive and any media files in Google photos will count towards the 15GB … Read more >>

How to move files from one google drive to another?

Find Administrator Name and Password For Mac

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How to reduce file size in Google drive

Google Drive includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Photos, and Google Slides, which formulates an office suite that allows collaborative editing. These include documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations, and forms. Here, we will see, how to reduce file size in Google drive. Uploading huge files takes time. Therefore, compressing a file size is a vital part … Read more >>

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Drive

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How to Get Google Drive icon on Taskbar

Even though Google Drive is a cloud-based storage and is not a physical hard drive, it works helps you manage your files on and off the web. You can get the Google Drive icon on Taskbar.   Google Drive is versatile storage that is compatible with a wide range of devices so that you can access … Read more >>

How to Unzip Files on Google Drive on Desktop and Smartphone

How to Unzip Files on Google Drive

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How to get unlimited Google Drive storage

Google Drive is popularly known as a modern-day hard drive as it offers a decent amount of storage where you can store your important thoughts as notes, files as documents, and photos as memories. Just like a traditional hard drive, the Google Drive storage is not unlimited and may run out of room. Keep reading … Read more >>

How to make a graph on Google Drive

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Google Drive vs Dropbox – A Head To Head Comparison

Google Drive vs Dropbox

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