How to Download Shared Files From Google Drive

Shared files are those created by someone else and then shared with you. This means someone else is the file owner, and you can either view, comment, or edit the file as per the permissions set by the owner. You can try out this simple set of steps to download shared files from Google Drive. … Read more >>

Google Drive Storage is Full But No Files- How To Fix

Google Drive is one of the best cloud platforms offering the freest storage among iCloud, Dropbox, and other platforms. However, there is a caveat to this feature as that 15 GB of storage includes everything from your mail to other things you might have saved on the drive. Your Google Drive storage might seem full … Read more >>

Can you hide files on Google Drive?

Google Drive is private storage which implies it’s the type of service that helps you store, hide, and protect your data safely over cloud storage locked together with your Google account password. However, still, there are cases where people want to hide files on Google Drive. Although Google Drive does not offer any such feature … Read more >>

How to Transfer OneDrive Files to Google Drive

Moving your data from one cloud storage service to the other cloud storage service can be a hassle, especially if the size of the files is large. There are many ways you can transfer your data from one cloud service to the other. The only difference is the time taken for each method. If you … Read more >>

How to Stop Files Uploading From Google Drive

How to Stop Files Uploading From Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most accessible and user-friendly cloud services available; it offers 15 GB of upfront storage data without any hidden costs. However, there may be times when you’re uploading a file and want to stop or pause it. You might have experienced an error on Google Drive when your upload is … Read more >>

How to Change the Order of Files On Google Drive

Google Drive gives a lot of benefits to its users up-front without any hidden costs. This is a very lucrative option, but 15 GB isn’t much by today’s standards. If you’re someone who likes to back up every file, video, and image, you will run out of storage pretty quickly. One other consequence of backing … Read more >>

How to Move Files Between Folders on Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most used cloud storage services nowadays, and as such, it has all of the functionalities you might require. For starters, Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage with every Google Account, and upgrades are very cheap as well.  It also lets you work together with your colleagues on … Read more >>

How to Organize Shared With Me Files in Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the only cloud-based storage services that gives 15 GB of storage space. Compared to Google Drive, OneDrive offers 5 GB, and Dropbox gives a measly 2 GB of free storage space. Even after the 15 GB runs out in Google Drive, buying more data is pretty affordable as well. One … Read more >>

How to View ZIP files in Google Drive

Google Drive currently doesn’t have any preinstalled tools to handle zipped files. This means you cannot view, zip, or unzip files within Drive. But you can do so after you have zipped the files from Google Drive on your system. There are multiple tools that can help you with zipping and Unzip files. When you … Read more >>

How to Rename Multiple Files On Google Drive

Rename Multiple Files On Google Drive

Renaming files on Google Drive isn’t a complex task; you just need to right-click on a file and rename it. However, renaming multiple files in google drive can become a problem very quickly, depending on the bulk of files. An option to rename multiple files on Google Drive hasn’t been introduced yet. So, as of … Read more >>