How to See File Size in Dropbox? [3 Different Ways]

How to See File Size in Dropbox

Want to know size of each file or folder in Dropbox? This is the right article to show you how to see the file size in Dropbox in the simpler and easiest way. Dropbox is a great service for syncing, storing, and sharing our documents, spreadsheets, and other files between our devices. Although the space … Read more >>

How to Organize Photos in Dropbox? [Web Browser, iPhone, Android]

How to Organize Photos in Dropbox

If you are looking to organize photos in Dropbox then this article is for you guys. In this article, I have written about how to organize photos in Dropbox from a web browser, iPhone, and android device. In the beginning, when I started using Dropbox I had the issue of organizing the photos in Dropbox … Read more >>

Why Can’t I Share a Folder in Dropbox?

Why Can't I Share a Folder in Dropbox

Unable to share a folder in Dropbox or facing an error? This article will help you out with why can’t I share a folder in Dropbox. In some instances, we can’t find an icon share or we may face an error while sharing the folder in Dropbox. Not sharing our files and folders on Dropbox … Read more >>

How to Download Multiple Photos from Dropbox? [3 Simple Ways]

How to Download Multiple Photos from Dropbox

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How to Move Dropbox Folder? [4 Easy Ways]

how to move Dropbox folder

Tried moving the Dropbox folder to another location and failed? Here is the article you are searching for about how to move the Dropbox folder. We can move the folder to some other location as per our needs. At first glimpse, it seems like we can not move this folder like moving our regular folders. … Read more >>

How Long Does Dropbox keep Deleted Files?

How Long Does Dropbox Keep Deleted Files

Deleted an important Dropbox file unknowingly? No worries. In this article I will share How long does Dropbox keep deleted files. Dropbox maintains any of our deleted personal files for 30 days. Business customers enjoy a 120 day respite. Dropbox saves our version history so we can go back to a specific time and place. … Read more >>

How to Add Dropbox to Finder on Mac?

In this article, I have written about how to add Dropbox to finder on Mac. Also mentioned a few solutions regarding why the Dropbox icon is missing from Mac menubar. As an IT professional I use Mac for my project work. To protect the data I was looking for a better cloud storage application and … Read more >>