How to Install and Uninstall Google Drive on Windows 10

Google Drive is a consumer-first platform that offers cloud storage solutions for both individuals and enterprises. With numerous features, an easy user interface, and exceptional compatibility with other Google products, it’s certainly a great platform to keep your files safe and secure.  Almost every android user knows about Google Drive but very few know that … Read more >>

How to Unshare a Folder in Google Drive (Step by Step Guide)

The ability to share files with your colleagues is one of the most prominent features of Google docs. However, you may encounter some situations where you might need to restrict access to your file from some specific people. Let us see, how do you unshare a folder on google drive? For example, if you were … Read more >>

How to Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive

How to Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive

When we are using WhatsApp, we tend to have meaningful conversations that we want to store and backup. WhatsApp is not a cloud-messaging service, and hence that means your chat has a risk of being deleted if your local device has any problem. You can backup WhatsApp to Google Drive by enabling the auto backup … Read more >>

How to see who has Viewed a Google Doc in Google Drive

When it comes to collaboration tools, Google Docs is certainly the pioneer of corporate teamwork. It has numerous capabilities such as the ability to allow multiple people to make edits on the same document in real-time, that too without losing any of your potential data. If you’re using online office utilities powered by Google regularly … Read more >>

How to Add Google Drive to Finder

When it comes to Mac users, Apple offers them several unique utilities. Such as iCloud storage service that allows users to store their files securely in the cloud. However, due to its limitation of only five gigabytes of free storage, the audience rather considered looking somewhere else. Here, let us check out, how to add … Read more >>

How To Select Multiple Files On Google Drive

If you’ve ever used Google Drive for your personal or professional work, you may already know how convenient it is to deal with numerous files with this cloud storage platform. However, after the recent update, the tick-box feature used to select multiple files at once is removed. With that said, deleting or moving multiple files … Read more >>

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Google Drive

Whether you’re going on a family trip after a long time or taking a holiday you’ve been planning for years, it’s certainly a fact that you preserve all your memories in the form of photos. Moreover, with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, you can easily keep your memories safe and secure.  However, there are … Read more >>

How to Clear Recent in Google Drive

How to Clear Recent in Google Drive

With the innovative features of the popular cloud storage solution – Google Drive, collaboration has become easier than ever. Along with synchronizing and sharing files between multiple users, it also allows you to check the recently accessed files and folders. We have created a proper guide on how to clear recent in google drive to help … Read more >>

How to Share Videos on Google Drive

Share Videos on Google Drive

Ask anyone; they will tell you Google Drive is the best platform to share large videos with people over the internet. Even not just video, you can use Google Drive to share almost all types of files with other users over the internet. However, in this article, I will discuss how to share videos on … Read more >>

How To Password Protect Google Drive Folder – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Password Protect Google Drive Folder

With the fledgling progress in cloud technology and virtual instances, it has become easier to store, and access files online. The technology pioneer Google also offers free cloud storage through one of their most popular products known as Google Drive. This is a comprehensive guide on how to password protect Google drive folder. It’s an … Read more >>