How to Save Link to Google Drive [2 Methods]

How to Save link to Google Drive

If you have been downloading pdfs, images, videos, and other files from the internet and then saving it to Google Drive, it might be getting a little too worked up after a certain point in time. Well, it is better to use certain tools that will only help you to save ling to Google Drive … Read more >>

How to Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

You’ve got Google Drive, you store documents and files, but sometimes the things you save can be deleted by mistake. Have you ever deleted data from Google Drive or G Suite by accident, or do you need to restore deleted files from Google Drive? The Google Drive Recovery tool can help you recover deleted files … Read more >>

How to add Google Drive to File Explorer

Are you seeking a way to integrate Google Drive to file explorer? You’ve come to the correct place. You are here for a reason. And that reason is probably to find out how you can add Google Drive to File Explorer.  With its integration in file explorer, you can access your Google Drive files from … Read more >>

How to enable Google Drive Dark Mode on your smartphones

Enable Google Drive Dark Mode

Google Drive is not only a file storage and synchronization service but also an app where you can create and edit documents of various types: spreadsheets, presentations, journals, forms, etc., as well as collaborate on them with other people using the app or through email messages. The program has been the go-to place for work, … Read more >>

Google Drive vs OneDrive – Which one offers better Services?

Google Drive vs OneDrive

There is no stopping at all when it comes to cloud storage, especially nowadays. The ease of use and the assorted features they offer seem to attract traction from all age groups. It is genuinely a breakthrough technology that helps people compute their data and store it at highly cheap rates for ample storage space.  … Read more >>

Google Drive Vs Box – A Detailed Comparison


Do you want to use a cloud storage environment and confuse which one to use? Google Drive or Box? Here you will get a detailed comparison of Google Drive Vs Box. Cloud storage has taken over the entire data computing and storage industry, all thanks to significant technological advancements which have made content organization and … Read more >>

How to track changes in word online?

How to track changes in word online

Word online is a great tool especially if you are looking to track and show edits made on collaborative word documents. You and your coworkers will surely save the time and effort you need to put into editing multiple-word documents. Won’t it be simpler if you had everything online, easy to spot, and yes of … Read more >>

How to Migrate from Evernote to Google Drive

How to Migrate from Evernote to Google Drive

Evernote, we all are too familiar with this name now. Evernote has been in the market for many years now, and it still undoubtedly is one of the best note-taking platforms so far. It is pretty extensive and offers many features attributing to its versatility. It simply delivers the best from the handwriting, speech, visual, … Read more >>

Google Drive Download without Zipping Files [4 Different Ways]

Google Drive Download without Zipping Files

Google Drive has made our lives simpler in many ways. The platform has left no stone unturned from previewing shared content to collaborating with a greater public; it does it all. The simple user interface and efficient functionality powered it to emerge as a standard competitor for online cloud storage and sharing clients. You now … Read more >>

Can Viewers on Google Drive download Files? Here is all you need to know

Can Viewers on Google Drive download Files

The concept of digitalization has revolutionized the creation, storage, and maintenance of records and documents to a great extent. Everything in today’s era, from books, manuscripts, mark sheets to bills, invitations, letters, is being watched by the eyes of online document reading platforms. Google Drive has sensationalized the cloud storage industry with its immense versatility … Read more >>