How to Backup Laptop to Google Drive

Want to take a backup of your laptop to Google Drive? Check out the complete tutorial on how to back up a laptop to Google Drive.

In today’s world of the ever-increasing use of computers and associated devices, we seem to be running out of storage daily. Online/internal storage options have seemed to outnumber the external/physical ones out of the lot.

It does not matter how resistant and durable your hardware is or how great your antivirus and firewalls are, the data you store on your laptop is under constant attacks, the ones you can’t seem to overcome. Be it malicious attacks, power issues, technical setbacks, or whatnot are all there to make your life grimmer. Let’s get started to see more about this.

What is the need to have a backup?

Everyone will face some issues with laptops that cause data loss. Due to this reason, it is mandatory or safe to back up the laptop data in Google Drive. This is the major reason for backing up the laptop to Google Drive. Due to this situation, creating a backup for a laptop is a great idea. It will be safe for our data when it comes to security.

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What Files can be moved to Google Drive from a Laptop

Below are the types of files that are moved from the laptop to Google Drive.

  • Important files such as Excel, PPT, photos, and videos are important to you.
  • Apps do not need to be installed from a laptop to Google Drive.

Offline VS Online Backups 

There are some times when we need to carry bulky hard drives and USBs to finish important tasks. Now that days are completely gone. Has your storage been fully used? You have to wait for the delivery for a long time.

Wait! Does your device have all the necessary inputs to plug in your data (yes, Apple users, we feel you)? Because if they don’t, you can say goodbye to quick data transfers from numerous devices or operating systems as well. Your device has all the necessary inputs to plug in your data.

Online storage is preferred by all users where the users feel more security for their data.

Virtually nothing can be done by online cloud storage. They offer unlimited services that are mostly free to use, and they are relatively less expensive than physical models.

The sharing is quick, and the downloads are much faster and more efficient. But here’s a catch, you probably will not be a huge fan of cloud storage whenever your internet connectivity fails you. Even though the sharing will be quick ad downloads are much faster and more efficient, the internet connectivity fails you.

You will have a hard time dealing with the uploaded content now, or just uploading, for that matter.

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Why should you opt for Google Drive?

  • These days, Google Drive is outperforming all of the major cloud computing platforms (sorry, iCloud) thanks to its incredibly effective workspace, seamless cross-platform syncing, and incredibly low cost.
  • For those of you who only need to back up a small amount of data and don’t require much space, Google Drive is free for everyone (up to 15 GB only). But hold on, that’s not all. You can now upgrade your storage limits with a massive 100GB of space for just $1.99 per month.
  • In June 2017, Google made waves with the release of yet another cutting-edge add-on for its already amazing Google Drive. Many praised the widely used feature—now known as “Google Drive for Desktop”—for being so straightforward.
  • With the help of this little feature, users of Drive could now sync their entire drive to their PC or vice versa on practically all platforms. What more could we possibly have wanted?

After all, the user interface has won people hailing from all age groups, and the immense compatibility that it supports is just unmatchable.

Yes, you can finally get rid of all the unnecessary Google Drive assistive uploading tools that are weighing down your gadgets!

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How to Backup Laptop to Google Drive?

We now understand how important it is to back up your laptop to Google Drive. It is best to make a backup of your whole desktop, or perhaps even your internal hard drives, just in case.

It’s not too difficult to accomplish using Google Drive, and even beginners can do it in a few simple steps.

Using the Google Drive for Desktop

  • One way is to use Google Drive’s desktop application to sync all of the files straight from the laptop. Any changes you make to the Drive or your local Windows or Mac computer will be mirrored in both places.
  • Many prefer syncing over backup because it’s quicker, simpler to use, and more comfortable for some users. However, you end up using up more hard drive space in the process.
Backup laptop to Google Drive
  • To test it out, you must first have Google Drive installed on your computer. Next, continue by logging in and making sure you have all the necessary permissions.
  • After that, your associated Google account will be shown, allowing you to choose exactly what needs to be backed up and other details. It is also an option to backup all of the data on your PC. It will create a backup folder so you can sync anything.
  • You can disable this Drive feature at any time. If not, you are free to stop and start the syncing process whenever you want. Users can specify their preferences for what happens to files that are eventually deleted.
  • Networking bandwidth ranges can also be adjusted to suit your needs. Another option is to try imposing some restrictions on the available sharing choices.
  • With this model, the user has complete control over everything. They can choose, pause, and start as needed.

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Manually uploading to Google Drive

Indeed, this is most likely the most reliable method for sending practically anything to Google. It will be much simpler than you might have imagined to switch to Google Drive if you are not very comfortable using new methods.

The manual uploading is likely as easy as selecting and then transferring to the final destination. Two easy steps, that’s all it takes.

  • First things first, open Google Drive from your browser or download the desktop version of the application. Google Drive is now available on all platforms.
  • Further, from the drive home page, click on ‘File upload’ files or folders. It is preferable to back up your entire laptop in My Drive. The storage is unlimited, although it is free up to a particular storage limit, and then Google charges a nominal fee every month.
Google Drive backup

While uploading all the files and folders to your drive, you can create many subfolders and move files into particular folders to access easily in the Drive.

Since it is not synced, changes made in the data on Google Drive or PC will not reflect simultaneously.

The files can be quickly restored from the Drive and can be accessed remotely too. To recover any data to another PC or your own.

  1. Select the files needed.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right panel of the Drive folder window to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Then, click to download the highlighted files/folders.


Google Drive is an effective platform but it prevents mishandling of data. The drive offers features to handle the data easily and securely.

Accessing files, sharing, and modifying, uploading and downloading, and data retrieval make trust this service. The backup process is also rapid and safe to work.

The sooner you create one, the better it is. Imagine the times when this safeguarding backup will always be there when you end up crashing your laptop, both literally and metaphorically.

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