How to Know if Alarm Still Rings When iPhone is on Silent?

Has your iPhone alarm stopped ringing when the iPhone is in silent mode? Worry not! Read this article to learn how to know if alarm still rings when iPhone is on silent.

I have faced similar issues and so I’m writing this article to help you out. Keep reading.

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Topics mentioned in this article are listed below:

  • How does silent mode affect iPhone alarm ringtone
  • What reasons can affect the alarm ringtone

How Does Silent Mode Affect iPhone Alarm Ringtone

Usually, when our iPhones are in silent mode, the alarm still goes off. If our iPhones are turned on to Do Not Disturb or Silent mode, it doesn’t affect the alarm tone. The alarm settings are different, so, when we set an alarm it will ring at the set volume no matter what mode our iPhone is in.

What Reasons Can Affect the Alarm Ringtone

A number of reasons due to which our iPhone alarm might not be ringing are:

  • The volume is set to low. In order to increase the volume, press the volume up button and set it to an appropriate volume as per our need.
    • The volume can also be increased by going to Settings > Sound & Haptics.
    • Then slide the Ringtone and Alert Volume to set the volume.
iPhone 14 alarm ringtone volume
  • iPhone vibrates when the alarm rings. We need to verify that the alarm ringtone is not set to None, because of which the iPhone vibrates when the alarm goes off.
    • Open the Clock app and go to the Alarm tab.
    • Click on the add ‘+‘ button.
    • A new window will appear where we can set a new alarm.
    • Click on Sound and select a sound as the alarm ringtone.
    • Finally, tap on Save.
iPhone 14 pro alarm sound
  • The alarm sound gets adjusted when we use headphones with our iPhones. They can be wired or wireless headphones. But the alarm rings in the in-built speakers on both the iPhone and headphones.

Just make sure that the alarm ringtone and volume are appropriate so that the alarm can be heard properly on our iPhones.


Follow the steps properly while implementing them and hopefully you won’t face any issues. Also, I have explained how to set the sound and volume for alarms on iPhones as well.

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