Advantages of Using OneDrive and Google Drive

Are you confused about which is the best storage for OneDrive and Google Drive? Here is the exact comparison for both. Google Drive and OneDrive are the two most popular and widely used cloud storage devices. Although their methods are different, the two cloud storage apps provide the same services.

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud storage device used to store, edit, protect, and share your files with others. It is mostly used by enterprises, schools, or any other large organization. It allows employees to share documents, in our data, and collaborate online.

OneDrive gives its users 5GB of free storage space. This space can be upgraded when exhausted by buying storage space on OneDrive. Once this space is over, it can be upgraded by buying on OneDrive.

Google Drive device that allows you to store, edit, and share your files, even your photos and email. Files stored on Google Drive can be accessed anytime anywhere. It gives its users 15GB free of space.

Moreover, if you exhaust your free space you can simply upgrade it by buying the storage space Google Drive Or you can easily clear up some space by deleting files that are no longer useful. Files stored in Google Drive can only be shared with anyone if that person has a verified Gmail account. 

Some benefits of using OneDrive and Google Drive on Windows, iOS, and your different smartphones are listed below.

Similarities of Google Drive vs OneDrive

Both Google Drive and OneDrive are well-known and recognizable cloud storage and file-sharing services that work with various operating systems. Among the things that the two have in common are.

  • Cross-platform compatibility – Both work with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, among other platforms.
  • Storage space – For varying needs in cloud space, both offer free and paid storage plans.
  • Collaboration – Users of both cloud services can assign varying degrees of access to shared files and collaborate in real-time on the same files with others.
  • Integration with other apps– Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Microsoft Office are just a few examples of the apps that both integrate with.
  • Sync local data to the cloud -These are accessible on computers by enabling users to back up or sync data to their cloud storage space.

Advantages of Using Google Drive on your Android Device

Check out the below major advantages of using Google Drive vs OneDrive.

  • Access and edit your files anytime anywhere – Files stored on Google Drive can be accessed and edited anytime and anywhere.
  • Sharing of files – Anyone you want to share your Google Drive files with can easily access them. Unless you share or allow someone access to your files on Google Drive, nobody can access your files.
  • 15 GB free storage space- Google Drive offers its users a free 15GB storage space. When you use up all of your available storage space, it also makes space for an upgrade.
  • Easy to search for files- With so many files saved on Google Drive, finding a file there is simple—all you have to do is click the search Google Drive button at the top of the screen.

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Advantages of using OneDrive on an Android Device

  • Security – OneDrive files are suitably secured to prevent unwanted access and prying eyes. Only those with permission from the user can view files stored on OneDrive.
  • File sync and backup – Unfortunately your computer or smartphone is lost or destroyed, OneDrive syncs and backs up your stored files.
  • File storage – OneDrive allows users to store and retrieve their files.

Advantages of using Google Drive on an iPhone

Google Drive will be helpful on the iPhone device as well. Check the benefits of using Google Drive on iPhone as well.

  • Edit files- Google Drive allows its users to edit and make changes to the files stored in Google Drive.
Advantages of using OneDrive on an iPhone
  • Can view any file- Google Drive can view and open any type of file
  • Easy access- Files stored in Google Drive can be easily accessed by the user anytime they want to.

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Advantages of using OneDrive on an iPhone

  • Accessed from any device – Files stored in OneDrive can be accessed from any device tablet, iPhone, or Windows.
  • Free storage- OneDrive gives its users a free storage space of 5GB whether for professional or personal use.
  • Offline use- Files stored on OneDrive can be viewed even if your data connection is off.

Advantages of using OneDrive on a PC

  • File sync and backup- OneDrive makes it simple to sync and backup important files, so you can be sure that your files are safe even if your smartphone is lost or damaged. Your OneDrive files are still saved and accessible.
  • Easy to use- Using OneDrive on your PC is so easy as it does not require any hard process to store and access files.
  • Free space- OneDrive provides 5GB of free space for users to store a variety of file sizes. If the available space is used up, more can be added by purchasing OneDrive space.

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Advantages of using Google Drive on a PC

  • Free space- Google Drive gives 15GB of free space to its users. Moreover, the free storage is used to store any kind of file.
  • Easy to search for files- Due to tons of files stored on Google Drive, to avoid scrolling through your files looking for one file you can simply tap on ‘search Google Drive’ at the top of your screen.
  • Used on any device- Google Drive can be used on any device to serve its user.


These are every advantage of using OneDrive and Google Drive on the devices we have discussed. The same option is available on the MacBook and iPad. We are aware that both of these cloud storage platforms are user-friendly and offer plenty of space for you to store all of your files.

With Google Drive’s File Sync and Backup feature, you can use it on both your desktop and MacBook to make sure you never lose any data at all. You can save all of your system files directly to cloud storage and vice versa.

Overall, we know that with both these cloud storage platforms you can get enough space to store all your files and are super easy to access too.

With Google Drive, you can get the file sync and Backup option on your desktop as well as on the MacBook so that you can save all your system files too directly on the cloud storage and vice versa so that you never lose any data whatsoever.

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